Hot New Engine Drives Gears

Peek under the hood of the most anticipated video game title of the year, Epic Games' Gears of War, and you'll find a new 3-D rendering engine that promises to finally bring out the full potential of next-gen consoles.

Gears, made exclusively for Microsoft's Xbox 360, has already pre-sold 1 million copies heading into its Nov. 14 release. Microsoft's director of platform strategy, Scott Henson, has said he expects the sci-fi shooter will be the second-biggest Xbox game franchise behind Halo.

Tim Sweeney, Epic's founder, says you ain't seen nothing yet.

Gears will feature a new engine called Unreal Engine 3 that Epic is licensing to other studios eager to flex unused muscles in the Xbox 360 and bring out the best in the upcoming PlayStation 3...

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Agent VX4451d ago

From what I have seen from GOW, this is what is to be expected next year, all I can say is "WOW".

PS3 and 360 owners will be very happy.

TheMART4451d ago

"Gears, made exclusively for Microsoft's Xbox 360, has already pre-sold 1 million copies heading into its Nov. 14 release."

Already 1 million presold!!! That means normal sales on top of that added...

Already 1 out of 6 users of a 360 own a copy. Thats huge. Compared to Halo 2 it's even bigger, because with Halo 2 there was a larger installed base of units at that point in time, thus more people to sell it to.

Over the life cycle, Gears will become a bigger franchise the Halo if you ask me. Gears of War 2 will blow anything away again in a few years!

Deceased4451d ago

I am at work now wishing I was playing GOW, that game is a masterpiece. It's like playing an epic movie like Lord of The Rings. SIMPLY MINDBLOWING visuals and sound. I had chills run down my spine several time through the first hour of gameplay, it is by far the best game and shooter I have ever played. And it is the most beautiful game ever, almost pixar movie quality. Too bad the PS3 can't render visuals like that. GOW puts any game ever created to shame visually.

THWIP4451d ago must be brain dead. ??

I think it's safe to say that 99% of the gaming community is aware that Gears is Epic's baby, and obviously runs on their new UE3. :o

beans4451d ago

I see that Sony is using UE3 for there DC online game but im wondering what MS will use for there Marvel online game? Im picking up GOW on friday and can't wait to see how good this game is!

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