GTA IV vs GTA Fan - How Rockstar Ruined GTA

GTA IV has been met by near unanimous praise by critics, including VideoGamer, but all isn't well in the hardcore GTA fan camp. Disgruntled reader John from Croydon contacted with his complaints earlier this week, after spending time with what he expected to be a game he'd be playing for years.

Having put thousands of hours into the GTA series over the years, including playing through GTA 3 twice, Vice City six times and San Andreas three times, he's more than qualified to offer his opinion on what many are already claiming is the game of the year. Read on as a GTA fan goes head to head with GTA IV and reveals what a growing number of GTA fans think of Rockstar's latest game.

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Mike134nl3870d ago

I do agree that the auto aiming does need to prioritise, though I only use it when searcing for possible enemies. But that is as far as my complains would go.

socomnick3870d ago

For multiplayer they should get rid of autoaim all together. Its for noobs.

MURKERR3870d ago

i dont agree that rockstar should remove auto aim altogether, they did the sensible thing and let gamers decide whether or not to use it in a multiplayer game if you dont like it dont join a game where the people are using it, not everyone is experienced at aiming theres alot of casual gamers who have just now jumped into this 'gen' because of gta.

which means they need time to get the hang of things

Feihc Retsam3870d ago

That's what this game is...

All of the exploits that you used to be able to do actually RUINED the experience for me in past games.

It's kinda like getting an infinite money cheat, or GOD mode in a game. Yeah, it's fun for a bit, but the lack of a challenge quickly takes the fun out of the experience for most players. I know it does for me.

This games has a lot of things that are the product of the developer paying great attention to detail. I like the fact that this games requires the player to be cautious to succeed. I feel like the old games were way too easy because of how overpowered your character was.

Most of the complaints I just read sound like those of an un-skilled / lazy player.

I personally enjoy a good challenge, and I think the game features some fantastic improvements.

Drekken3870d ago

TOTALLY Disagree with autoaim as a choice is good. I HATE IT. I spend more time jumping from room to room finding the one room without a noob leader with autoaim on.

They should at least make it an option to search out rooms WITHOUT it on... OR Make it off by default. Autoaim RUINS the multiplayer experience.

TresTrendu3870d ago

I hated the previous versions of GTA, but i love this game. First GTA i have felt compelled to buy and i am glad i did.

Genesis53870d ago

I with you Tres. I never played any of the other ones but this one just looked so damn good. I playing it and I love it. I have no regrets with this purchase.

ZeroXMD3870d ago

Some games have bad transitions. One thing that made GTA great was it's arcady feel. I love GTA4, but I also loved GTA3-SA. I like the new direction, but I miss the Old GTA feel, which they have all but did away with. This is GTA, not GT or Forza. The driving, while i'm getting used to, still pisses me off. It makes chases seem like more trouble than they are worth. The cops reactiveness is just strait annoying. Rampages aren't as fun as they used to be and I find myself running across the street, but getting bumped, not hit, by cars going as fast as I would be walking and loosing like 1/3 to 1/4 of my health by flipping onto their cars or flying a few feet. In the scene where you chase down Vlad, i found it IMPOSSIBLE to catch up to him because you have no traction on any car. the E-brake is mostly useless or only used for stopping, which even then, it takes forever, even going at half speed in a slow-medium speed car. All his complaints are warranted. True fans feel like noobs when they pick up this game. So I feel with this guy. It's one thing to re-invent, but it's another thing to make a new game with the same title as the old, but still expects you to do the same things as the old.

It's funny how alot of people react towards people who are mad at some games. It's an overused reference, but i'm going to use it because it's valid. Halo 3 wasn't very different than halo 2. The only changes to the gameplay were the x button and reload controls. It added a few new weapons and such, but that was about it. People still gave it 10s though and say, "it didn't need to change". Halo 3 is fun, but it still feels like an expansion on halo 2. SO IMO it didn't deserve the 10s or 9's it got. So I don't see how you guys can call this guy an idiot for expecting what he did. GTA4 is alot different in alot of ways from SA and prior, but there are just TOO many differences.

Like I said, GTA4 is great, i like it, but I feel with this guy and share alot of his views. I just don't see how you guys can just call him an idiot like that. GTA was awesome because it was easily accessible and had arcady fun with it's own driving mechanic that encouraged the stuff you did in it, but this one feels like you have to be an elite at the game to do anything. As for the auto-aim, quit complaining about it. GTA has always had auto aim, and it always will. You could always use it or you could choose not to. I use a mix of both. I don't rely on it, but I still use it when necessary and like it. I was in multi last night and played like 6 Deathmatches, the first 2 with auto aim and the rest without and still got first in both types, except for one which was a 3 way tie in kills but I was in 3rd because the other 2 had more money. If you want a game that makes u rely on aiming skills, play a FPS and shut up. If not, enjoy the game and stop bttching.

gameraxis3870d ago

i never played the other GTA's so never havening been "spoiled" if u want to call it that i think this game is the funnest game I've played in years!!!

its like I'm playing a part in a goodfellas movie or something LOVE IT LOOOOOOOOOVE IT

Lifendz3870d ago

good post man. Whenever someone elaborates their arguement, explains where they're coming from, and does so without coming across as a rabib fanboy I listen. I agree with you. This game is different. Is it still a 10? Yes. But it's so different from GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas that I can see why some are saying it shouldn't carry the name. I look at it as the evolution of GTA....the driving is a different story.

Take the mission you spoke of. Say you're in a sports car at the time. You'd catch this guy easy. But if you're in some hoopty cab then maybe it's not so easy. The difference between a good car and a bad one has never been as wide as it is in this GTA.

And you can't take corners like you used to. I love getting a good speed going in Brooklyn but I know that I have to slow down greatly to make my turn. Realistic? yes. But not necessarily what I wanted in GTA.

Maybe Rockstar will patch some things in so people like you and I don't feel quite as alienated. Maybe an Arcade mode option for the cars so they handle like they used to.

jadenkorri3870d ago

played 3 hrs, got bored, im sorry,but i played gta 3, never got bored, gta vice city, never bored ever, even after completing every side quest i could still go play it, gta san andres great game, never bored, true gta experience...popped in GTA 4, looks fantastic, driving controls terrible, autoaim locks on randomly, cops are uber strong, escape is retarded, you can lose cops at 4 stars not a problem, liked the classic pay N spray...yes i know its still there but no cops can be in sight...i ma disappointed in the game for now, i will pick it up and play more, just right now, no urge too...its sad when ive played through gta 3 more times than i can count, vice the same, san andres, only once...

thesummerofgeorge3870d ago

This guy is full of it, I find the realism is great. People who complain about the driving need to spend a little time practicing, cause once you get the hang of it it's way better, the cars don't fly around, some people dslike any challenge in gta 4 they want an unrealistic game where you are the super hero center of the universe where you win the world and everything in it at the end, usuallly people who don't like story mode and just wanna rampage... I mean this guy says he couldn't play through the story cause it was no fun....I finished the story mode the other day and am literally itching for more. The unrealistic gta is clearly the opposite direction the creators are going with it, it's not like they didn't say that before the game came out. And by the way the cops aren't too harsh and it's pretty sweet how he flies through the windshield when you crash into a structure that doesn't move. what would you expect to happen?

RJ20003870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Realism is what people complained about in GTA-SA. You win some you lose some. Do a lot of you people realize you are contradicting yourself from what was said about the last GTA? I dont think a lot of people get that.

Granted I wanted realism but did not think it would be this intense. I have adjusted and I love it all over again. I have to say this is the complete game I have ever played.

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Jack Meahoffer3870d ago

There are Star Wars fans crying about the prequels and Transformer fans crying that Optmis Prime shouldn't have flames painted on his chest.

While this guy is certainly entitled to his opinion the vast majority of "hardcore GTA fan camp" love the game. I know I do.

It is by FAR the best open world game ever created. There is no question.

So stop your crying and practice your driving skills. Just because its realistic now and your 8 years of experience driving is thrown out the window. Get over it. Man up and practice and soon you too can drive in GTA IV without wreaking into everything. Its called a brake. Use it.

thewhoopimen3870d ago

I actually agree with him. While this is certainly the most "detailed" GTA to date in terms of graphics. I feel like the city is so empty and staid comparatively. There are less game extras to do and less motivation to explore the city b/c of 'stricter' mechanics. It would be interesting if you could interact with the denizens besides beating/klling them. In Andreas, there was a gang territory mechanic that was kind of fun.

Silellak3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Except the Star Wars prequels sucked, and GTA4 is incredible.

Everyone who complains about the gunplay is wrong. Simple as that. Gunfights are 5 bazillion times better than any GTA before it. Use cover and free-aim. It's not that hard.

Gunfights take strategy, rather than "run forward and hope you have enough armor/health to survive".

Jack Meahoffer3870d ago

Everything about the game is more realistic requiring more thinking from the driving to the gun fights. These whiners basically wanted San Andreas 2 rather than a true next gen reboot.

Lunch3870d ago

I've been reading some of the user reviews on it,and one in particular stood out:

Very good read,I disagree with him on the Fun Factor score but he pretty much hit on all the points

cp683870d ago

From GTA fans summing up features on GT forums:

Additional transportation means
Jet skis
Light aircrafts (Dodo!!) / Hydroplanes
Hot-air balloons
Tanks (Rhino!)

Additional shops / places
Clothings (including jewelry)
Mobile phones
Weapons (chainsaw, flamethrower, swords..)
Vehicle/Weapon customization
Night clubs offering different music each
Home furnitures

FIX: Push to talk on microphone
FIX: Climbing ladders, entering vehicles
FIX: Stop loading the cinematics from online modes, once is enough
FIX: Stop loading back to single player mode if the server fails
FIX: Glitch at airport when riding a car under the plane, we travel
FIX: Glitch to see inside unaccessible building
FIX: Out-of-the-map glitches
FIX: Spinning car glitch when it falls on the side
FIX: Free falling but no dying glitch when car hits the blue box
FIX: Vehicle repair glitch
Bike races
Fully customizable character
Ability to get drunk
Ability to play pool, bowling, darts
Ability to use any weapon + have full aiming control while on passenger seat

FIX: Remove the damn SIXAXIS TUTORIAL from the cellphone
FIX: Visual problems, such as blur
FIX: Invisible characters glitch (often these ghosts attack us, we can't fight back)
FIX: Floating car spawn glitch
FIX: Entering vehicles glitches, sometimes niko keeps turning around the car for 10-15 seconds before he decides to enter it
FIX: Entering cars while on phone. It's possible to answer the phone in a car, and exit the car still using the phone. However it's not possible to enter a car while on the phone
FIX: Auto-aim, often it doesn't switch from one character to the other
FIX: What's all the money we got for?
Ability to run while talking on cellphone
Ability to swim underwater
Ability to use the Bus for public transportations
Ability to listen to radio on-foot
Ability to listen to our own mp3s from the XMB, a great feature for that could be niko owning a mp3 player
Ability to screen-capture and to instant replay/record
Ability to play games on Niko's cellphone
Ability to use an umbrella when walking under the rain
Ability to purchase homes and garages
Ability for cars to use windshield wipers when it's raining
Ability to decide manually select the car color at Pay'n'Spray
Ability to access the dashboard view at any time
Ability to have a view inside the car when doing a car wash
Ability to get drunk/play pool at home
Ability to manually turn lights indicating we're turning left or right
Ability to watch planes taking off and landing. All we see at the moment are planes on final approach or on initial climb
Ability to rob houses
Ability to play golf/gokart/use theme park attractions (online and offline)
Ability to watch games at stadium
Ability to drive the train
Ability for army helicopters to launch rockets
Ability to sit on a chair and watch the pole dances at strip clubs
Ability to look at pictures you take with your phone
Ability to manually configure and save camera angle positions
Ability to have the GTA2 camera
Bring back the pizzaboy, courrier missions
Mouse / Keyboard compatibility

kewlkat0073870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

incorporate any of that?

So how did they drastically improve over the last game then?

That's a lot of sh^t. Some simple things in there as well. I guess this list sorta looks between the Hype.

Skynetone3870d ago

i dont under-stand why they changed the driving mechanics it was perfect

i havent picked up the game yet but ill have it when my local shop gets it back in, {i have fifty credit with that shop so ill be waiting}

Drekken3870d ago

You get bubbles from me for that list...

You should apply at rockstar and work on that patch ASAP!!!

Just remove Autoaim from multiplayer. If you need help in learning to aim, use it in single player... Leave MP for the big boys!

Proxy3870d ago

Those things would be great in a more expansive world. Who's going to jet ski in the polluted waters of LC? ATVs have no place in the city. Hot air balloon floating between the sky scrapers, not likely. The city isn't big enough for a plane, but I guess you could always fly over the endless ocean. Also, additional shops and places aren't all that useful IMO.

I did like the bicycle idea, as I'm sure you'd see many of those in a large city. Bubble for your list, but most of it seems a little silly to me. Jet packs? Are you serious?

Jack Meahoffer3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

San Andreas took GTA III and Vice City and threw in the kitchen sink. GTA IV isn't about topping the list of features from the last game. The style and scope of the game is totally different. Having every single features from the past games is NOT required to be the best open world game ever made.

The artists at Rockstar know what their doing. To second guess them is like questioning Michelangelo’s masterpieces.

Stop your whining and enjoy the great game they've provided us.

WAAAH the PS3 version has a sixaxis tutorial on the cell phone menu... I like my virtual cell phone interfaces to be clutter free. WAAAAAAAAAAAH! I'm going to cry about it online.

thisguywithhair3870d ago

Sounds to me like you guys wanted a game that was completly revolutionary, breaking all bounds of known limits. While at the same time being extactly the same as tht game that came before.

People are complaining that the driving is hard, I agree. But then I played for more than 5 min and got used to it. Now I only crash when I am trying to get away from two stars or more as I must move faster than normal. But then those same people go on to say how good it is that the game is more realistic in its presentation. You can't have it both ways.

As for the jetpack, are you kidding me? That was the worst addition that any game has ever brought out. The only reason I can think of is that they promised so many new vehicles that they could't think of any to realistically add in.

For the people complaining about lack of long straightaways to gain speed, when was the last time you were driving around Toronto or New York and was able to do that? Besides, it is so easy to go in between cars that you can easily gain spped as long as you actually try and learn how to drive.

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cp683870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

double-post bug