PSN - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

In this in-depth opinion piece, Gamasutra and Game Developer publisher Simon Carless takes a look at Sony's PlayStation Network for the PS3 - and the surprising positive and negatives of how it works for independent and third-party downloadable games.

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butterfinger3869d ago

I was surprised to find out how hard it is for publishers to get their games out across all territories on the PSN, however it does make sense. Now it also makes sense why we (PS3 owners) won't be getting the SSFIITHDRemix beta. I truly appreciate the effort Sony is putting forth with getting us the great indie titles and providing them with funding, etc. I don't know what I'd do without Pixel Junk Monsters or everyday shooter:) I can't wait to see what amazing new indie games and third party games (here's looking at you Capcom, *SSFIITHDRemix*) we will be getting in the future.

BeaArthur3869d ago

Personally I don't care about XBLA or the arcade games you can download on the PSN. I just wish they would release more PS1 classics.

kwicksandz3869d ago

Finding out how "open" psn actually is. Not sure if i agree with them picking and choosing which arcade titles are allowed because the opinion of a stuffy censor or marketing manager might differ to those of hardcore gamers.

If only sony would put more effort into PSN. Xbox live is the true MS trump card, and a free competitor with feature parity would shake MS gaming division to the very core and make the ps3 a much more attractive proposition to online gamers.

Ingame XMB across all games and a bundled headset in every box sony!