MMO Week: COG's David Solari - Interview - Talks about tough PC market, MMOs on consoles and bringing development in-house

Since its first release at the start of 2006, Codemasters Online Gaming has grown to release four titles in two-and-a-half years, with its fifth due later this year. Cutting its teeth on Korean imports RF Online and ArchLord, the publisher then went on to pick up to titles with two of the biggest licenses in fantasy role-playing – Dungeons & Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online. It's next title is NetDevil's Jumpgate, a space combat MMO for Europe and North America. Vice president and general manager of Codemasters Online Gaming David Solari admits it's not all been smooth sailing. The company has been willing to make radical changes to some of its titles in order to keep consumer interest as the the online business has presents a steep learning curve. But the company remains as flexible and dedicated as the MMO market demands, and here Solari talks to about the tough PC business, plans to move game development in-house and the future of MMO gaming on home consoles.

Q: Codemasters Online Gaming has been official for over two and a half years now, you've got four titles out and another, Jumpgate, due later this year. Is this all to plan, are you pleased with the development of the online division so far – this seems quite a quick growth for the online business?

David Solari: For MMOs it's quick. These games have a lot of longevity and we're now taking on a fifth game. It's certainly been a lot of hard work, more than we imaged it would be. It's not an easy thing to do. When we looked at the market and the things that were growing and the things that were exciting we identified MMOs as something that we wanted to get in to. It was a big challenge because none of us had really done it before but it's been coming together really well over the last year. We had a steep learning curve but we're getting there.

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