Why GTA IV won't turn kids mental

Kids need to be exposed to bad things. It's how you learn, it's how you grow. Good videogames are perfect for learning; they put you in uncomfortable positions and force you to make decisions that you might not be comfortable with.

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dachiefsman3869d ago

honestly I don't think kids <IE 15 and younger> should be playing this game....

DomUltra3869d ago

Does it really matter? My girlfriends little brother loves this junk, he's a totally normal kid, he's 15 himself. Sure it's up the parents on stability of the kid but hell if your kid can't decipher reality from virtual reality he's pretty screwed up to begin with, and sure you can wreck people pretty good in GTA4, but as the kids learn, start shіt and you usually end up dying, just like GTA4.

iilluminate3868d ago

I wish more parents and mainstream journalists read articles like this. A lot of them still think games are just toys.