Next Hitman Announced

We already know that Eidos would be occuping long awaited titles like Tomb Raider Underworld and Just Cause 2. It comes as no surprise that Eidos will inplanet a new episode of Hitman, this comes with no exit date or even what platform that game will make it's big exit on.

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Ace Ventura3818d ago

I hope they make it good. Hitman is a cool franchise.

Ali_The_Brit3818d ago

wow thanks for getting my hopes up for JACK SH!T! i already knew it was going to come eventualy, thats obvious and thats all this article says. christ sake.

InMyOpinion3818d ago

Too sum up all Hitman games released thus far: Extremely well-designed levels, extremely flawed gameplay elements.

The flaws lie in the fact that you never know what you are supposed to do or where you are supposed to go, and when. If they could guide the player a little more and add some more intuitive controls this could be a major hit.

Dpa3818d ago

It's true. I love the Hitman games but i don't think i've ever played through one entirely without having to refer to a guide.

TheForgotten0ne3818d ago

Thats what I love about Hitman...
There is so many ways to do things, there isn't just one way to get Silent Assasin, there are often two or more ways, some are easy to understand and do, others are so damn hard. But thats why I play them so many times. I think there is only 1 mission I haven't gotten Silent Assasin on in Blood Money.
It's so fun :D

InMyOpinion3818d ago

I respect you for being a hardcore gamer =)

I wouldn't want them to change the formula completely of course. Just minor tweaks here and there that would give the game a better "flow" if you know what I mean?

Can't wait to play it though. If it gets released on the 360 that is.

Skerj3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

The never knowing when and where is what I love about Hitman, it makes all your hits feel that much more unscripted. Especially in Blood Money when you had many ways of accomplishing the same task, I always did a recon run of the missions before I ever went in seriously so I could nail the Silent Assassin rating. In the first 2 I rarely did that since it was only one or two ways to kill someone.

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kosha3818d ago

I could of told you hitman was coming myself. Its still good to have it confirmed though.

heyheyhey3818d ago


ok fine i agree, it was a bit obvious

but i cant wait, Hitman is really cool- especially Blood Money

hades073817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

I cant wait either, love the Hitman series. The second one, Silent Assassin, is still one of my favourite games of all time. I played Blood Money but had to stop after the first couple of missions to play CoD4 and now GTA4. Will get back to it soon though.

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