EA: Casual games aren't for everyone

Electronic Arts' Casual Entertainment label VP Russell Arons has said that she disagrees with the idea that, in order to succeed, casual games need to be for 'everyone' – saying that the genre can succeed with niche audiences.

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MK_Red3870d ago

She looks kinda scary in that pick :(

As for casual games, I don't agree. Sure, I hate casual gaming in general but it's mainly because most of casual titles are cheap suckfests that are used to fool non-gamers.

There are real games among casual titles. Classic title like Tetris and the modern hit, Peggle are proof that casual games can be well made, entertaining and for everyone. The reason hardcore gamers stay away from casual games is that most of them are nothing more than a piece of garbage (cough... Wii Fit.. cough) (lol, I kinda defended Wii Fit in other story so had to bash it to make myself feel good again :D )

Skynetone3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Casual games can succeed with a niche audience

she'll last long

Baka-akaB3870d ago

Ea can't do hardcore nor casual games properly ... i dont see how they got any business lecturing .

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