Sony Calls Microsoft's XBL HDTV "A Disservice"

Yesterday, Microsoft announced a plan to make a large offering of high-def movies and TV shows available on Xbox Live on demand. And of course, Sony was quick to respond to the unveiling with a few scathing comments.

"I think they are doing a disservice to their consumer base because they are ignoring all those people who bought the Core system," said Sony Computer Entertainment America PR chief Dave Karraker, speaking specifically about the lower-end $299 360. That system doesn't come with the attachable hard drive required to store content acquired from Xbox Live...

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PS360PCROCKS4454d ago

whoa wait we can delete 4 gigs of space? Wow how do I do that, that's like 4 demos, anyboy know?

FordGTGuy4454d ago

destroys your whole way of using the back compat.

THWIP4454d ago

You simply access the HDD, and delete all of the promo crap...vids, music, etc that came pre-installed. I did it the as soon as I got my 360 last November, and I immediately had about 3GB extra.

uuuunvnv24453d ago

that if people bought the core system they were just trying to play games on it anyways

BIadestarX4454d ago

I guess Sony will not stop about the price and the hard drive....
There is an old saying, "Don’t interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.". So, if microsoft is making a huge mistake it will be become obvious when the PS3 comes out. No? So, why is Sony so quick to point what microsoft is doing wrong? If what Sony was saying was true, than they would let Sony sink and simply concentrate on delivering a good product for the famebase that are waiting for the console to be released regarless of what microsoft does.

VirtualGamer4454d ago

how you don't seem to have a problem with MS pointing out short comings about the PS3 even if they turn out not to be true. Like not being able to do 1080p or having a unified login id for the Playstation network. But if Sony points out something that happens to be true about the 360 your all upset. Are you going to refute the fact that the core 360 will not be able to take advantage of the new service that MS just announced?

BIadestarX4453d ago (Edited 4453d ago )

Actually I am not upset. But it's getting old already. It's almost like a movie that you know how is going to end. No matter what, microsoft says or do Sony always say something negative. They should leave that to their fanboys (like you); you do it for free. The 360 is out, it's functional, they delivering games like Gears of war. XBox live is currently the only option to play the latest console games online. Sony should be putting more into releasing more consoles instead of trying to match microsoft with everything they do. Most people wanting the PS3 are getting it for the games. and here is sony, "We haven't announced when other entertainment content, beyond games, will be available from the PlayStation Store"... who cares! How about you release the console, release games, create a great online service and stop wasting all the money, delaying the system, wasting resources on things like blu-ray, the damn PlayStation Store, e-distribution.
Why is ok for microsoft to do this now? Well, because they have the basic cover, games are being made, online service is stablished. And what sony has? They have sh** and they want to do more sh** what do you think you are going to get as a gamer? sh**. I would say the samething about any company. The PS3 is like the XBox 360 it can be upgraded in the future, so they should get the basic out; perfect it, and then at all the non-game related features. I'm I wrong? I'd would also be pissed as a 360 owner if the 360 would be delayed 2 times just to get HD-DVD playback and downloadable content. The PS3 delays, price, and limited launch numbers are due to things not related to games like some stupid sony market place so you can buy their music.

Arkham4453d ago

Nah, MS just announced their service before Sony's is opened up. Sony stated long before this that they'd be offering downloadable movies, tv, and tunes via an online service. They do have SOME connections in the biz, y'know. ;)

FadeToBlack4454d ago

Everytime MS does something they come out with these rediculous statement. The people who bought the cheaper model got what they paid for. And the people that paid more for the premium also got more features. Thats usually the way the world works. Its these types of comments that make me not want to buy their products anymore, they are so full of shte and try to pretend like they are the most consumer friendly company on earth, when in reality they have overpriced their products and gouged their customers for many more years than MS has existed!

Islandkiwi4454d ago

Why bother to respond if this is what you come up with?

Doing a disservice to people who bought the Core system? They paid for a game console, they got a game console. No disservice there. And they can upgrade if they choose, it's not like they're permanently banished.

For a high-def movie experience, I think this is a brilliant idea. I don't have to buy new hardware and I can still enjoy a high-def movie rental. Sweet.

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