Take 2 CEO says no glitches in GTA

When asked if there are any glitches in the game - "none whatsoever"

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Montrealien3821d ago

I absolutely looove this game, but the man is way off. Who ever thinks EA is evil and conniving should look the way of Mr Zelnick. He is pure evil to the gaming world. Globalstar anyone? All the crap Take two has put out on the market in the last decade. He can at least recognize that the one franchise that is the saving grace of Take two has, and always will have bugs and glitches, it comes with the territory of huge open world games.

Condoleezza Rice3821d ago

Glitches on Ps3:

Glitches on 360:

I wonder if Zelnick smokes some of that Green stuff.

Silellak3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

I thought glitches were part of the charm of GTA since GTA3?

Maybe he should take a different approach and brag about them.

"Glitches in GTA4? Hell yeah! Name another sandbox game where you can swim in the street!"

Amanosenpai3821d ago

Who doesn't????

Anyway... cough cough

No glitches = LIE

gamesR4fun3821d ago

Lying sacks of crap like this deserve to get rammed in the courts.

Funny thing is Im not the least bit upset about the game glitching I mean its pretty common for the gta games especially but too lie about it sheesh dude needs to get beat.

SUP3R3821d ago

The game definitely has glitches.
Just last night I fell through the floor from driving at full speed. The game couldn't keep up and everything turned grey and white. When I hit the brakes it filled in(very quickly though).
Of course that could all be on purpose according to Zelnick.

hay3820d ago

@FCOLitsjustagame: lol

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Mike134nl3821d ago

How would he like to call them than?

Montrealien3821d ago

programming anomalies maybe?

Silellak3821d ago

Maybe by "no glitches" he means "we don't drive over to your house and kick you in the balls."

Capt CHAOS3821d ago

You have got to be kidding me right?

Still a great game but please put up your hand so I can throw darts at it for ever time you don't own up to your mistakes...

Ri0tSquad3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

Which I really doubt. He's wrong. Has he played this game? I don't think he has.

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