PS3 Fanboy hands-on: LittleBigPlanet

PS3 Fanboy; "We recently had a chance to sit down and play an updated build of LittleBigPlanet. The latest build has all the bells and whistles of a complete game, and has us clamoring for the game even more than ever before. At the core of our latest hands-on experience was the game's "Story" mode, an adventure mode with pre-designed levels that challenge players to get to the end with the highest score possible.

The levels we played were quite varied. Players will navigate a globe, littered with icons that represent where each level was created. Already, we saw a map that featured dozens of levels -- an overwhelming amount of content has already been crafted during the game's painfully long development. The adventure mode is where the game will teach players the essentials of LittleBigPlanet: each level will demonstrate the possibilities of the game's incredible engine. Massive mechanical beasts, complex physics-based puzzles, and a number of fun playable gizmos can be found within each level. At the completion of these levels, players will unlock more and more things to use in their own creations."

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Mc Fadge3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

IwantIwantIwantIwantIwant! <33333333

Cwalat3819d ago

MOTHER OF GOD !! ! ! !! ! !

need i say more ?

Monchichi0253819d ago

Games looking Cute! Not my type of game and def. won't be buying it, but good for them trying to do something different.

wass0073819d ago

i dont care am still gettin this game!!!