Metal Gear Solid 4 - Limited edition in Europe?

According to several online sales sites, on June 12 will be available a limited edition of Metal Gear Solid 4 in Europe.

The sites are reporting that this edition will contain the original game, a Blu-ray with the making of, a CD with the OST of the game and a figurine of Snake. The price for this edition is close to 130€.

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Lucreto3815d ago

We will know if its true in about an hour.

Kain813815d ago

and they told me that the price is 99€, but he told that the price is not locked it can be cheaper too.
Oh in the LE of MGS4 is a snake Figure like the one in Assasins creed.

resistance1003815d ago

This will go nicely with the MGS4 headset, however at £100 this is probally going to be the most expensive LE of a game i'll ever buy, just as well, its going to be such a great great game

Aclay3815d ago

I'm in the U.S., but I hope that Europe does get the Special Edition too because everyone should be able to get the Special Edition in there own respective region.

That Special Editon sure will have a HEFTY price tag in Europe. I already pre-ordered my Special Edition, and it's definanlty worth it for the die-hard Metal Gear fan.

PLiPhaze3815d ago

Or have two special editions (UK & The US one I pre-ordered yesterday)
But seriously why did it take SCEE soooooooo long?

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