EA claiming ownership of TF2 trailers on YouTube

On the official STEAM forums, user ajcoll5 reports:

"I just got an email from YouTube today saying that a trailer for Team Fortress 2 has just had ownership claimed and that they are putting ads on my video because thats what the "owner" (EA) wants. I wouldn't care if it was Valve, but EA wasn't the one who developed TF2"

ajcol5 additionally took a screenshot of the mail received:

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Talking about EA and TF2, it should be reminded that a petition against EA's port of THE ORANGE BOX on Playstation 3 had been started, and signed +930 times. Hit the Alt.source link for more.

The thread has been deleted, no explanation regarding that decision was revealed.

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Capt CHAOS3821d ago

Anything to get some free advertising space..

Montrealien3821d ago

We all know EA and Valve are working together for distrabution, but do you think something else is coming up?

sovietsoldier3821d ago

ea going to [email protected] kill gaming like back in the 80's with e.t.!

Montrealien3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

what the heck are you talking about? EA was publishing games like M.U.L.E., Dr J vs Micheal Jordan 1 on 1 and Archon in the early 80`s when Atari was killing the consoles market. That crash was about 1 year long BTW, nintendo saved the day the year after the crash. And EA will never be stupid enough to print more copies of the game then there are consoles to play them on.

Learn the industry`s history. before you start bashing EA, and check that crack in your tin foil hat, some of them rays may be coming in and melting thast pressious brain of yoursé ;D