Postal Movie Being Boycotted by the major cinema chains

After being confirmed to see a theatrical release on May 22nd, Vince Desi of Running With Scissors is asking fans to write theaters to support a theatrical release of Postal.

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Garethvk3913d ago

It was not that bad. I did a review last Sep. when it was planned to come out. I cannot post on my site until the main release but I did get a review posted here.


Skerj3913d ago

Sad because this is the only one I had any intention on seeing, I'll find it in an indie theater around here.

Enigma_20993913d ago

It's Uwe Boll... and I don't like him.

3rik3913d ago

This makes me hate all those people who are boycotting Uwe Boll. And why are they? I never understood that. Whatever. Im gonna see it. Partly because it looks interesting and partly to piss off the people who dont want me to see it.

Enigma_20993913d ago

... and did I mention that his movies suck?

Enigma_20993901d ago

NO ONE cares if you go to see it! Have fun, Hell... enjoy yourself... not our money you're wasting on that ticket and popcorn... because if it was my money you were using, you'd never make it to the theater.

devilhunterx3913d ago

Wonder if this will come to England

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