Siren PS3 gets bloody new name

Siren: Blood Curse is the new official name for the latest in Sony's horror series, coming to PS3 later this year. Confirmed by way of an official list of content to hit the PSN today, the update also coincides with Sony's PlayStation Day event.

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resistance1003871d ago

Its the European name for it, the japanise name is still Siren: A new translation

alexM3870d ago

UNCHARTED was realistic

BUT SIREN is even more realistic

DomUltra3870d ago

Uh... I'm gonna have to disagree, this game is fun but the animations are clunk-tastic, that's what made the first siren relevant, the horrible horrible horrible controls, my impressions from the demo is they haven't upgraded the controls to much.

meepmoopmeep3870d ago

whatever the name is, the demo was awesome.

picker3323870d ago

Lol i didn't understand this game.
I could not even kill the 1st guy in the demo.

DomUltra3870d ago

You run past a galvanized pipe, pick it up and beat his head in with it, don't try to do a boxing match with asian Mike Tyson.

level 3603870d ago

Have played the demo and believe the game is not as scrary or creepy in the Silent Hill sort of way.
It's mostly a hack and slash or shooting zombies game., also did'nt like the limited camera view - hope they fix it for the full game version.