Casting Call: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

LazySAGamer writes: "Welcome Ladies and Gents, to another edition of Casting Call. This week we take a look at one of the PS3's true gems, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

Now with three Tomb Raider movies, two National Treasures, three Indiana Jones movies, the new one on the way and a bunch of movies starring Michael Douglas, who the hell needs another treasure hunting movie? We do dammit!

As if we could ever get enough of them. Uncharted follows the adventure of Nathan Drake, who is accompanied by his friend Victor "Sully" Sullivan and a journalist name Elena Fisher (in the hopes of filming the a blockbusting documentary). When coordinates inscribed on a family ring lead Nathan to the coffin of his ancestor, Sir Francis Drake, the famous pirate, he finds a diary that points him to the fabled city of El Dorado. Action, explosions and adventure ensues.

So then, a great plot for a movie."

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avacadosnorkel3912d ago

articles like these are like saying what would you do if you won the lottery.

Also Naughty Dog said they used Johnny Knoxsville as the model for Nathan Drake

Cwalat3912d ago

Johnny Knoxville ?
the guy from jakkass ?
U gotta be fu*kin kidding mee !!!

hate that di*k so much...

anyways.. Nathan Drake doesnt look anything like Knoxville..

MK_Red3912d ago

WTF!? "three Tomb Raider movies" When did they make a 3rd Tomb Raider movie? Tomb Raider 2 bombed miseribly and the movie franchise died with it.

GavinMannion3912d ago

Err good point.. maybe we just wanted to see Angelina all dressed up again?

MK_Red3912d ago

Agreed with Angelina part though not dressed at all would be better :D

butterfinger3912d ago

is not a famous pirate as they so stupidly suggest. He was an English Admiral, a politician, and somewhat of an explorer/navigator. Apparently having "Sir" in front of your name means nothing to these people.

GavinMannion3912d ago

Before accusing us of stupidly suggesting something maybe you should possibly view things from outside the UK. While he may have been a noble for the English he was viewed as a simple pirate by the Spanish.

So it depends on the point of view once again

jacobdevos3912d ago

i just wanted to put it out there, that Uncharted is one of my fav games for ps3, however it really is just indiana jones.. like the movies already been made 3 times and a fourth is coming..
seriously though.. go watch indiana jones, your article will seem pointless :)
aside from that.. if indiana jones didn't exist.. and wasn't one of the biggest movies at all time i would completely agree with you.

yocdub3912d ago

Nathan Fillion is who I thought of every time I played Uncharted, and who I would have seen in the role as Drake.

Covenant3912d ago

Wow...just who I was thinking, too. Fillion's droll persona would be perfectly suited for the lead...and he seems to have a knack for action/adventure roles.

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