Outrage as Wii Fit labels healthy child as "overweight"

In a society obsessed with image, could Wii Fit's BMI measurements mistakenly be putting more pressure on impressionable young players to become anxious over their weight?

One player explains that her healthy and active ten-year-old relative was 'devastated' when Wii Fit deemed that she was a little on the heavy side, and that the family "had to work hard to convince her that she isn't."

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Capt CHAOS3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

FYI, The daughter is 92lbs and 4'9"

Capt CHAOS3819d ago

It looks like the weighing ability in Wii fit is highly inaccurate.

Tempist3818d ago

They may not have regionalised the game properly. It could be basing this off the Eastern standard which greatly differs from the North American standards. Also, it cannot give an entirely accurate BMI as it doesn't have the technology to run proper BMI tests.

And since when do we need consoles to get us into shape? Why have we waited to the point where someone capitalizes on that. Get out and RUN!

JasonXE3818d ago

you will get shot/die, robbed/mug if you do. Then you will get hungry after running so much but your parents are to lazy to make food or buy groceries...thats why.

Fat Bastard3818d ago

Maybe that little girl shouldn't be such a fat @ss

redninja3818d ago

It's not Nintendo's fault that their kid eats too many cupcakes.

socomnick3818d ago

The only accurate bmi test is the water one but those are mad expensive. :/ I gotta get my body fat percentage down for the summer im at 14-16 percent right now I wana drop to 10 :)

Gondee3818d ago

If she was really 92 pounds at 4'11 than im gona say shes over weight.

So this is saying that parents dont want their kids to know that their over weight. And they would rather them eat all they wanted and get high colestral at age 10.

Stupid amercia. this is good. Now mabye the kids will know that being over wight is a bad thing and know not to eat so much.

FYI The guy living next to me has a kid thats 5'1 10 years old and 145 pounds. And the dad is constantly telling the kid that hes not over weight.

Jeebus3818d ago

Wii Sports calls you old.

Bonsai12143818d ago

BMI is a simple calculation based on height and weight. but it doesn't take into account body composition. because if you're pure muscle and 5'4, it'll list you as morbidly obese.

the "pinch test" is a much better way of testing overall fitness.

FYI, BMI = ((weight in lb) x 703) / (height in inches)^2

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nintendostar3819d ago

Seriously? They're complaining about Wii Fit?
Yes its Wii Fit, the Grand Theft Auto of casual games.

tgh machines3818d ago

Grand theft auto is a casual game...

Mystery_Person3818d ago

I don't get the GTA "joke"....


Mc Fadge3819d ago

But I know where they're coming from. I thought this game labels your weight in the game? So when little Jessica plays through Wii Fit and the game turns around to call her "Overweight", little Jessica is going to feel bad. Very bad. If a game calls your kids fat, it's not really helping the self-esteem, is it?

crazy250003819d ago

Since the media is pushing for skinny/thin people. There is nothing wrong with being skinny or healthy, but if they promote too thin than it will have negative effects on peoples mentality.

I just hope this isnt common throughout the game. Im not buying it, but im sure many people will.

PS360WII3819d ago

"or is it all just a case of overreacting?"

hit the nail on the head right there most likely the parents were the ones upset over it not the kid which is usually the case in these.

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