Why the Wii is Still (and Will Remain to be) the Winner of the Console War

Ever since the start of the next generation video game console war, the Nintendo Wii has dominated the charts and continues to bring in astronomical monthly numbers to support its number one position. Many video game analysts saw this coming due to its lower price and revolutionary new way to control video games, but most did not expect its sales figures to still tower over the competition nearly two years later...

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Montrealien3820d ago

Nintendo deserves all the praise, truly amazing video game company.

jtucker783820d ago

I wouldn't say all the praise.

Praise for making lots of money - yes

Praise for controller advancement - yes

Praise for game advancement - no

Praise for value for money - no

ItsDubC3820d ago

One could argue that the last 3 of those are subjective but I agree with you that Nintendo doesn't deserve all the praise. I give Nintendo praise for expanding the gaming market, keeping gaming affordable, and once again introducing a new way to play games. I give praise to Sony and MS for expediting mainstream adoption of HD content, stretching the bounds of consoles beyond just gaming machines, and making online interaction an important aspect of gaming.

Montrealien3820d ago

I stand by what I said. To have remained in the console making business for 25 years, bringing it back from the crash of the early eithies and remaing profitable while expanding their user base since then is a testimate of what Nintendo is.

They deserve respect and are part of this console war no matter what any delisioned `gamer` might think, actually they have been for alot longer then Microsft and Sony...put together.

so yes, they deserve all the praise they get.

ItsDubC3820d ago

I misunderstood your first post I believe. I thought you meant that Nintendo and only Nintendo deserves praise, but now I realize that what you really meant is that all the praise Nintendo is getting is well-deserved and in that, I agree.

Montrealien3820d ago

hehe, yeah. I will never pick sides, that is only for one of these...

jtucker783820d ago

ItsDubC & Montrealien

I do respect Nintendo for expanding the gaming market, and inventing interesting experiences like Wii Sports and Wii Fit, which for some people are wildy entertaining.
And Nintendo has also tried to cater for the non-casual crowd too with Galaxy and Zelda, but I feel they have spread themselves too thin and I don't really see any game advancement.
Galaxy did to a degree. With the planets, gravity etc.
But Brawl, Zelda and Kart haven't really moved on.

For me the N64 was the golden age. The invention of third person with Mario 64. Huge draw distances with Ocarina of time and the father of the modern RPG.
Nintendo really advanced games as people knew them, creating genres and pushed the boundaries of imagination.
True you can play gamecube style games in a new way now with the Wii-mote, but that isn't the same.
Wii Sports is new and different but... isn't a gamers game is it? Or Wii Fit.

I can only put this down to the low specs and the high mark up to make some money. You can't get much more out of the console.

Obviously I'm just one man and the masses have lapped up Nintendo's new market, but this is my opinion.

Nintendo have my praise for money making, for building game peripherals, and to a degree as game developers.

They are still great at game development, but not the front runners they used to be.
Shame the N64 golden age wasn't as popular as the peripheral age is now.

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nintendostar3820d ago

I want to see how Wiiware does before I give them the crown

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feejo3820d ago

The next gen is not about graphic but about inovative controler. Nintendo found what it take to get new people in the business and it will serv the whole industry.

Main_Street_Saint3820d ago

I own a Wii and love it but I definitely would not call it the winner in the console race so far; not by a long shot. So far all 3 consoles seem to hold there own very well in the market and has its own share of fan/fanatics.

A real winner in the console race will "shut down" the other two consoles.

Montrealien3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

I can`t agree with the fact that the one `winner` will `shut-down`the other two. IF that happens the industry is gone to sh**s.

I think the term Winners is a little over used, in the lead would be better.

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