New MotorStorm 2 trailer, Haze demo today

To tie in with Sony's PlayStation Day event taking place later today (don't worry, we'll be there), Sony will launch a Haze demo on PSN later today.

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MK_Red3870d ago

Hopefully the new MotorStorm 2 trailer is gameplay footage. This is gonna be epic. MotorStorm is easily my fave racing game after Burnout and Midnight Club.

Fishy Fingers3870d ago

Well rumour had it back when the first M2 teaser was released that Evolution wanted to show a gameplay video they prepared but Sony told them to axe it in favour of the CGI as they believed that gameplay wasnt quite ready to show. Maybe now it is?

Good news and cheers for contributing :)

Lifendz3870d ago

GTA IV, MGS4 right around the corner, and games a plently to choose from. Hope Free Radical did a good job. 4 player co-op with vehicles sounds fun to me.

MK_Red3870d ago

Thanks Fishy Fingers :)
I didn't know that. Hopefully this trailer is gameplay the way Evolution wanted.

Good point Lifendz. It's indeed make or break. After so many delays and with GTA4 out, Haze better not disappoint.

Sir Ken Kutaragi3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

+MotorStorm 2 will ROCK!!! ;-P

+HaZe Demo!!!!!!!!!! ;-P

'PLAY-BEYOND...xBox 360's LIMITS!!!' ;-D

Stubacca3869d ago

I love that game.

It angers me when people say there are no decent games for PS3. Because if there wasn't, I'd still be playing Motorstorm. It was a great game but I just got caught up playing all the phenomenal games available now.

Hapimeses3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Sweet. I'm keen to see if Haze is any good. I was excited in November of last year, but that excitement died out as time passed. Perhaps a demo will rebuild that excitement?

As for Motorstorm... well, yes, epic. The first game, for all its flaws, rocks, and I'm looking forward to more.


Oh, and as for the rest of the content: looking good; and more on Thurdsay, huh? Looks like a good week for a change.


MK_Red3870d ago

The only flaw of first MotorStorm IMO is the lack of variety and maps / tracks. If that issue is fixed and the split-screen is added then MS2 is gonna be the perfect racing game IMO, as good as Burnout even which is THE best racing series IMO.

MURKERR3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

is that all you thought was wrong with motorstorm seriously?

my gripe was lack of split-screen that was the biggest flaw in an overall great game, its frantic games like that you need to see the persons face your crushing into the mud so im hyped for motorstorm 2 as split-screen is finally included

MK_Red3870d ago

MURKERR, I know what you mean. Lack of split-screen was bad but it was a multi player thing.

I'm a serious singlep layer gamer that only play fighters with others so the single player aspect of any game is the most important part to me and in that regard, lack of tracks was original's only fault.

The new 4 player co-op an updated graphics are like icing on the cake of MotorStorm 2.

MK_Red3870d ago

So, is Siren Blood Curse the western name for Siren: New Translation?

crimsonfox3870d ago

i played it alot but then eventually got tired of the loading screens but im sure that will be fixed and then split screen whaooo!!! cant wait and then Haze o man i've been waiting to get my lanky fingers on this one.

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The story is too old to be commented.