The winner of Destructoid's 2013 Game of the Year

The Last of Us is a beautiful send off for the PlayStation 3. It carries with it Naughty Dog's considerably heft; the artistic, technical, and budgetary ability to build what we call "AAA games." It leaves behind the vibrant pulp adventure that is Uncharted in favor of something more challenging. Mechanically it is still third-person action, but the reduction in platforming elements alone informs on its design tone. It is weighty, and the player carries that weight.

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KillerBanana71760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

Well Deserved!!!! TLOU imo is the complete package and it represents how far the video game industry has come. Great job ND :)

ps3vita4life1760d ago

I couldn't agree more :) TLOU is just wonderful!!!

guitarded771760d ago

Yep... amazing game. My personal GOTY.

dedicatedtogamers1760d ago


I just finished my Survival+ playthrough. Everything in this game is just...pitch-perfect. It's intense, it has a great story, it's beautiful, and most importantly it is FUN. I love sneaking around and trying to stealth-kill everyone without taking a hit. I haven't even touched the MP yet...

Conzul1760d ago

Love this game so much! GOTG. Can't wait to play it on my PS4 in some form.

I feel really bad for having skipped ni no kuni. Not really my genre but looked amazing. Hope it joins TLOU on PS4.

mikeslemonade1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

They should have two GOTYs this year. Remember when Peyton Manning and Steve Mcnari won co-mvps??

GTA5 is GOTY 1A and TLoU is GOTY 1B.

The two games are almost polar opposites and excel at their respective styles.

NewMonday1759d ago

very impressive to win against tough competition like Bioshock Infinite and GTA5.

Ezz20131759d ago

TLOU so far is the most awarded game of the year

R6ex1759d ago

I prefer Beyond Two Souls to TLOU.

Ezz20131759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

The Last Of Us have 86 GOTY awards so far (overall GOTY 2013)
while GTAV have only 55 GOTY awards

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Morgue1759d ago

While I agree. I have to disagree with all the people who did.

miyamoto1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Bro I said the very same about Uncharted 2 and Naughty Dog did a repeat performance with TLOU.

Thanks to Sony and ND video games are making good progress since Pong!

well said

" The Last of Us is as close to perfection as a videogame can get, and many, many of you agreed with that sentiment; in fact, it received more votes than BioShock Infinite, Super Mario 3D World, and Grand Theft Auto V combined!

I was playing TLOU in my nephews house and then these 360 CoD kids came in and was just awestruck with the sight of the game, sat behind me and were meaning to grab my controller after ten minutes. LOL! And they came there every weekend to watch my nephew play the game and not CoD anymore.

Now that is power!

moegooner881760d ago

Seems that the Destructoid community agrees as well.

" The Last of Us is as close to perfection as a videogame can get, and many, many of you agreed with that sentiment; in fact, it received more votes than BioShock Infinite, Super Mario 3D World, and Grand Theft Auto V combined!

DejectedJeff1759d ago

wow! i wish theyd release the numbers, im just curious what they look like. considering not a ton of people have played the new mario im assuming the numbers dropped exponentially after bioshock.

ABeastNamedTariq1760d ago

Playing it right now, lol. Winter is so friggin tense.

Riderz13371760d ago

Game of the generation.

Can't wait to see what Naughty God does on the PS4.

LAWSON721760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

After playing the game the other day it is not as close to perfect as some make it out to be. It was fantastic no doubt but close to perfect... no. IMO the closest thing to perfect was maybe Portal 2. I had a blast with TLOU but the animations were okay, it felt clunky at times, the friendly ai was stupid at times and the enemy variety was okay too, (no where close to perfection though clickers were a pain and I thought they made a great enemy that really made me tense up at times). I do appreciate the difficulty, gameplay variety, atmosphere, characters and storytelling which are no doubt among the best games of all time.

I do not disagree with their choice and it is a great one that no doubt deserves praise just not praise that makes it out to be perfect *cough*the ND fanboys over at IGN.

Just to note though that is also how you end a game.

medman1759d ago

Well Lawson, I agree with you in many respects but I think you have to realize when someone says "perfect", that doesn't literally mean it has no flaws. No game is perfect and every single game ever created suffers from one issue or another, whether that be framerate stutters or A.I. issues. Until A.I. is nailed in gaming and enemies think and react as real individual people would with individual thought, identity, and behavior, no game can be "perfect". But The Last of Us is about as good as it gets on last gen hardware, and it's my personal game of the year by a large margin, and I played most of the games on the goty lists, so I'm making that statement from experience, not fanboyism.

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