Sony Registers Dead Nation Trademark, PS4 Game is Imminent

Junkie Monkeys: It was not very long ago when Housemarque teased that they were working on another game for the PlayStation 4. While it was pretty obvious that their next game is more than likely Dead Nation 2 for the PlayStation 4, we never quite got a confirmation, just a tease. Today I’ve found more evidence that we will possibly be seeing more Dead Nation very soon.

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Treezy5041763d ago

I really would love a sequel, the co-op in the first one was amazing, plus it got very challenging on harder difficulties. Great game, deserves a sequel.

piroh1763d ago

i got platinum. best PSN game ever even though i never finished Road of devastation DLC, hard as hell

abzdine1763d ago

waaaaaa, please make it happen

Old McGroin1763d ago

Agreed Treezy504, excellent game when played co-op and really liked the kill comparison by nation. Unfortunately when I bought it there was hardly anyone to play co-op with online so didn't get a huge amount of the way through it, definitely a day one buy for me on PS4 though (if I have a PS4 by the time it comes out!)

Bebedora1762d ago

I'll wait for the patch.

Godmars2901763d ago

Would be nice to see a DN game with open world environment which uses the same 3/4 view. You have to build safe houses before checking out an area and maybe have to deal with fellow survivors.

Kryptix1763d ago

This with 4-player coop would be amazing.

Really loved the first one and the structure of collecting points and upgrading your weapons and gear was fun. Hopefully we get to see more weapons in each catagory, like different assault rifles, smgs, shotguns, etc. and a survival mode with 100+ waves would be a nice addition.

XiSasukeUchiha1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Nice to see more games so 101 more new IPs after this

TedCruzsTaint1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )


I just realized I was playing Nation Red . . .

nikrel1763d ago

Thank goodness! I was just at the Dead Nation website watching videos remembering the game, such a fun game can't wait for a PS4 ver.

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The story is too old to be commented.