Don't Expect These Must-Have Indie Games To Go On Sale Any Time Soon, Steam Users

GR - Valve has broken record after record with concurrent users skyrocketing in recent months and more money generated by buzz-worthy additions to its business like Family Sharing and Steam Machine "consoles" with scaling specs. Still, developers, the community of gamers, and ultimately people with a deep passion for the medium have been the biggest benefactors.

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LAWSON722390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

It would be pointless for a top seller to go on sale,except maybe a very low % off as an incentive to those really wanting the game and are willing to pay (making a happy buyer). These sales are to get those waiting for the price to drop or dont have enough interest to purchase unless they see a nice price. IMO devs should take advantage of the demand while it is up then lower the price when demand has declined

xPhearR3dx2390d ago

The point it, they don't want to encourage people to buy their game right now. All three of those titles are in early access. If the price stays high, only the people that really want to help with development will purchase it. That way the boards stay cleaner instead of getting useless junk like "This game sucks, you can't do this, this or that". Which still happens anyway.

Both Rust and DayZ devs said this is exactly why their titles won't be going on sale during the holidays. I'm impatient. I purchased both DayZ and Rust. I know their current state, and I'm having a blast with both. Other people need that constant reminder they're purchasing an unfinished product and it's really annoying.

LAWSON722390d ago

I mean games in general to take advantage of the market, but yes that is very smart to not put heavy discounts on early access titles, especially putting it on something like the daily deals during the holidays. It is best to get those that know about the game and want to pay early at higher prices. Steam should honestly keep them off the main page and exclusive to the early access page, because odds are those that know about the game know where to find it anyway