PayDay 2 Would Have Been Better As PvP


I purchased PayDay 2 a few days after its original launch and despite its many problems at a core level, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The cooperative approach to objective-based FPS missions is a fresh approach amidst the flood of competitive-based action in the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield but embracing the competitive nature of today's top FPS games may not have been such a bad idea after all.

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TheRealTedCruz2389d ago

I think we need more co-op specific games.
I bought Contagion today, during Steam sale, and was quickly reminded just how much more rewarding I find well done co-op experiences over the normal competitive online games that we, let's be honest here, have an over-abundance of.

_FantasmA_2389d ago

No thanks. We have too many versus shooter games. Out of this whole PS3 era, the Borderlands games were probably the funnest games I ever played because of the co-op. Its great playing versus people, but its even better playing with them because you can still compete with your teammates for most kills, points, etc.

blackblades2389d ago

VS is a bad idea, the ai sux but that's why theres online players out there. For the ai they should add a command list or something, order them to do stuff.

Rivitur2389d ago

No, No it doesn't what it needs I that update that still isn't out yet on Xbox thank You Microsoft you bums.

EL Lanf2389d ago

Didn't Kane & Lynch have a Cops vs Robbers MP mode? Payday 2 has many similarities with L4D, so an MP versus could work, if they played as the special cops. Although, half the time they're not even on the map and really how fun would the taser guy be to play as? Not very.

I think there could do with being some more big versus shooters out there with more asymmetrical design. Although TBH in Payday 2, it would take more effort to develop than it'd really be worth, fine tuning the balance would be a nightmare.

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