The LEET Pure PC ($1,799.00) - A PS4 And Xbox One Killer For Your Entertainment Room

Home theatre PCs (HTPCs) have been around for more than a decade, but they remain fairly niche additions to your living room or entertainment room. This is despite the fact they’re actually more flexible in many ways than consoles or smart TVs.

What if you could have a high-end gaming PC connected to your TV and living room sound system instead of a console, Blu-ray player or media streamer? That’s exactly what LA-based PC manufacturer Steiger Dynamics proposes and builds its incredible systems made to order.

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PeaSFor2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

399$ vs 1799$?

oh yeah, thats a "killer".....

silly article is silly.

oh and you forgot the to include the 180$ Steiger Dynamics Couchmaster inclued in the article, so its 1980$ now.

GameSpawn2387d ago

The title was for hits. I have been in both the PC and console gamer camps and I will NEVER defend PC gaming as far as economics are concerned.

Frankly, anyone who spends thousands of dollars to build PCs JUST for gaming is just delusional. Once past $1,000 you better be using the system for more than gaming.

I spent $2800 building my PC for longevity and usefulness -- not to mention it was a blast to build from the ground up. Gaming is a minor aspect. I don't want to replace much in it for at least 4 years and with how I built it I'll make 4 easy, maybe even 5. My system's primary purpose is acting as a file server, but it can also work well as a gaming system and well as an everyday work horse.

With the "gaming" rigs I keep seeing people build on numerous PC sites, I see money wasted either on mediocre components (they spend tons on graphics cards and procs to get a middle to low end power supply or motherboard) or silly things such as lighting and absurd liquid cooling setups.

Liquid cooling should be reserved for the most extreme over-clockers. A more than efficient enough system for the general PC gamer can be made purely with air cooling. As far as lighting, it does NOTHING for performance and in certain rooms of a house can be more of an annoyance than "art".

_QQ_2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

so if Bill gates spends 2000$ on a gaming PC he is delusional?

joab7772386d ago

The title is misleading to the gen pub. But there are a lot of wealthy ppl that would love something like this. That being said...those ppl already have a ps4 and xbone. I love looking at twitter feeds of the athletes showing off the free stuff MS and Sony send to them. It frees up money so they can afford something like this, lol! JK This thing is cool and life would b boring if we couldn't dream about cool stuff we would love to have.

CynicalKelly2386d ago

I would say that I prefer playing on consoles more than my PC but I can easily defend it for economics. I see a lot of console gamers claim it costs more than it really does and I see PC gamers spending as much as possible on it for no reason.

Mine cost £550, 5 years ago. It has not needed to be upgraded yet and still goes head to head with these new consoles. It does a whole lot more than these consoles and better too. Everything consoles players are loving right now is nothing new to a PC gamer.

Plus, new games often cost less even at launch for PC while still looking better. Sales are mental and in the long run, upgrading is cheaper than upgrading to a brand new generation of console.

If that consoles get outdated. You have to wait 6 or 8 years for an upgrade. PC gamers upgrade when they need to.

tontontam02386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

I would gladly spend that much on PC if I am rich.

but if I have that money right now I would probably buy a $1000 PC an xbox one and a ps4.

thehitman2386d ago

I agree with everything you said but your last point. PCs with 1k+ are really suppose to be more than just for gaming BUT you really cant get the performance that makes your PC sing on anything without spending that much too. I spent about 1200-1300 building my PC at first then spent about another 150-200 maintaining and upgrading it after 3 years. PC gaming is very expensive and definitely doesnt beat console gaming economically idc what any delusional PC fanboy says. PC gaming is a luxury THE END. I use my PC for gaming and testing work related stuff like hosting servers/virtual machines etc..

The reason also I disagree w/ ur last point I have liquid cooling only costed me about 40 dollars? Its much better than air cooling because the fans dont wear down overtime in the summer and get louder. It also reduces a lot of heat inside the case flowing around so I dont need as many fans. I also have lights in my case lol that I didnt pay for some parts just came with it like my corsair 700 watt psu has 3 changing lights I normally turn the lights off lol. My Cool Master case had a small fan that came with a light on it. I do agree you shouldnt be paying JUST for lights thats silly but you can easily find parts w/ them at no extra charge.

President2386d ago

The only thing this is gonna kill with that pricetag, is itself.

Utalkin2me2386d ago


Really so how you loving Killzone Shadow Fall on your PC? Or Playroom using the touchpad on the dual shock? I mean i could sit here and list stuff for days that doesn't come to PC, pfffftttt Pc gamers pfffttt.

PeaSFor2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

weird, i paid my BF4 59$ on pc, and the premium also cost 49$.

...and will also pay Titanfall 59$ on Origin.

H0RSE2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )


But the thing is, if you build a PC for gaming, it is able to tackle many tasks well. I built a my rig for gaming, but I don't solely game on it, as is the case with most PC gamers. I use Photoshop, word processing, audio and video editing, etc., so you have a case where a C built for gaming can still achieve so much more, but a console is solely designed around gaming and other forms of entertainment, and even then, it doesn't achieve the best results. Consoles are cheaper because they are a closed system. You are sacrificing freedom and versatility, for a smaller initial cost and ease of use.

Much of what you bring up, is reserved for PC enthusiasts, which do not make up all PC gamers. Enthusiast are the ones that build their own rigs and mod their cases and overclock , etc. and even then they tend to be smart with their money.

They are a sub community within the PC gaming community, where having high-end hardware, and liquid cooling and mods like lighting or custom cases, are part of their passion - just like gearheads do with cars.

As for other aspects you mention, like liquid cooling and lighting, both of these can be added to consoles as well.

PS3 -

360 -

If you say they are useless on anything but the most extreme PC setups, imagine how useless they must be on console...

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ATi_Elite2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

OK I'm an Enthusiast PC Gamer............

and I would NOT pay $1799 for that waste of money.

Totally overpriced and way under powered.

$180 Couchmaster LMFAO are you serious? No place for the mouse so that's a worthless design.

$20 slide Coffee table at Target lets you use keyboard and mouse comfortably.

The purpose of a HTPC is to enjoy your Home Theater PC connected to your TV/Speaker set-up without the PC making noise. That EVGA GTX670 is NOT low NOISE. Also the radiator fan is gonna be humming pretty good too as the Core i7 4770 is overclocked.

TheRealTedCruz2386d ago


That's your big argument against PC gaming.


Anyway, I can name games for days that have never, and will never, come to console, but please keep using that to defend console gaming while entirely ignoring the same point for the other side.

PeaSFor2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

meh, unless you are into moba games, i fail to see whats the big exclusives on pc, most of them are F2P(wich the ps4 seem to embrace too so big change you will see more of them on consoles)

Ive been on steam since day1(2004 and also gaming on pc since Quake), been an omni gamer all my life and how the hell would i play The Last Of Us, HeavyRain, RedDeadRedemption, GtaV without a console?

while i like gaming pc too, i wouldnt circlejerk in a "pc only" phoney gamers clubhouse.

how would i be a credible gamer by not being able to play TLOU?(wich rape pretty much everything on pc gaming?)

you can play in 1440p if you want, but it wont make an average game great just because its on pc.

snookiegamer2386d ago


Why do you keep on evangelizing PC gaming so much if its so good??

*somebody's insecure, lol

starchild2386d ago

So that must make Sony fanboys the most insecure of all, since they evangelize more than anybody.

GeraltofRivia2386d ago

once you buy a shitload of pc games at prices of $35, $15, $10, etc.... you end up saving in the long run.

deecee332385d ago

Umm, you can build a gaming machine for $500-600 that will match current consoles. Stock cooling and no lighting. $1799? No thanks.

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Jamaicangmr2386d ago

Title should read.
"The LEET Pure PC ($1,799.00) - A PS4, Xbox One and wallet Killer For Your Entertainment Room"


PeaSFor2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

meh, thats not "L33t"

my pc is nearly 3200$ and wouldnt even consider it being "l33t"

Jack_Of_All_Blades2386d ago

I will just stick to my own built pc

TheRealTedCruz2386d ago

That thing is so unneeded.

It's no wonder everyone thinks PC gaming is so expensive. You see articles like this that go so over what is even needed in a high-end machine and then stick that sort of price tag on the thing.
Hell, that's even relatively cheap in comparison to many "high-end" gaming PC's that I see floating around.
Eh, I'll stick my my GTX680 build that requires no additional cooling and will still be maxing pretty much everything I throw at it with fantastic performance.

It is a nice PC though. I'll give them that. :p

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