Get Your 360 Fixed - Quickly - In Four Easy Steps

Jason writes:

Remember that time that I was having problems with my Xbox, dealt with a bunch of stupid people (and a couple nice, smart, helpful, honest people), and then got my Xbox back without any complaints? Yeah, well, we knew that wouldn't last.

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TrevorPhillips3816d ago

thanks man this really help alot it really did

TrevorPhillips3816d ago

but calling the customer service really pisses me of press 1 for this press 2 for that thats fcukin annoying

P4KY B3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

In the UK when we call Microsoft we get automatically get diverted to any free MS callcentre. Most seem to be in hot sandy countries and don't speak english very well.

My Tip:- If they answer the phone and sound like one of the bad guys in Team America, just Hang up.

Call back and hopefully your get a callcentre in the UK or Scandinavia (they are good too)

SL1M DADDY3816d ago

Looks like it will help expedite the issue but it's still a shame that MS would rather outsource this touchy problem than actually handle it with professional and educated techs and CS reps. This outsource to India stuff seems a bit over the top.

599 US Dollars3816d ago

tell me about it. had to call these f*cks again today for TWO different reasons. I don't know if these guys are morons or if M$ just trains them to be.

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