Flash Portal Turned Into Real Portal

Remember that 2D, Flash-based version of Portal from last year? Was pretty neat. Well, it's even neater in 3D. The same guys responsible for the original have translated all 40 levels into real Portal maps, which apparently add up to around 3.5 hours of Portal gameplay. And who are you to say no to 3.5 hours of new Portal gameplay?

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Lets-Game3815d ago

finished all 40, they are great, harder than original and lots of fun.

jaja14343815d ago

That's, well pretty damn cool of them.

heyheyhey3815d ago

now that IS great

the flash version was pretty enjoyable too

SL1M DADDY3815d ago

I say this because I would love to see some harder and larger levels if and when they decide to make another portal. It would be even cool if they incorporated the game play into a game containing an even deeper story. We can all live with more portal, right?

monkey6023815d ago

Wish I could get these onto my xbox