Here's How Nintendo's Wii U Is Just Like Windows Phone

With last month's release of Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4, Nintendo, with its fledgling Wii U, has all but cemented its place as the third choice for gamers. With just 4.5 million units sold worldwide, the Wii U is far from the follow-up success Nintendo envisioned.

Comparatively, Windows Phone has had some success in 2013, but it still trails Apple's iOS and Google's Android platforms in mobile computing.

The Wii U and Windows Phone have some things in common that may be the reason for their struggles. Mainly, they both rely on their own software and lack strong support from third-party developers.

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tinkypop2385d ago

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Says it all

Theyellowflash302385d ago

This website is on a absolute smear campaign of Nintendo. Its pretty clear now. LOL, nobody is reading their shitty articles anymore.

miyamoto2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

Now what?
Both Microsoft and Nintendo are facing an uphill battle for users. Microsoft's Windows Phone is trapped in a vicious cycle of a low install base, which means less support from app developers, which means less demand for their phones. Nintendo's usual strategy of leaning on its intellectual property is highlighting its strained relationship with third party developers.

Both companies have strengths as software developers, however. Microsoft has already begun exploring support for its competing platforms in order to capitalize on the huge number of smartphone and tablet owners not using Windows. Nintendo may soon explore a similar strategy and forego sales of its loss-leading hardware.

Its a parallel analysis.

Theyellowflash302385d ago

Its a crappy analysis written by a website that owns stock in Apple. They have written 3 articles in a day and a half about Nintendo. All negative. I would take their OPINION more seriously if they were objective and used worldwide sales figures, and didn't ignore the Media Create in Japan. but they are bias idiots, so I don't care what they say.

Look at their website rating, its' a one star site.

rjguess2385d ago

WII U is not like a stupid cell phone. Nuff said.

starfox0792385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

Who thinks these articles up to make out wiiu is inferior ???

So far WiiU has shown the best graphics and games and resolutions and also framerates.....get a life mate,all these fanboy articles makes me laugh WiiU will dance all over the twins next year and maybe xbox1 and ps4 are the 1st and 2nd choice at the moment even though wiiu has the gamers games but that will change big time next year with..

Hyrule warriors
Project CARS
Fast racing neo

And many more unannounced games as well....Capcom has said they have original games for WiiU I'm just saying WiiU has the most console selling games coming out in 2014....

WiiU has 207 games
ps4 has 20 games
xbox1 has 20 games

lassenwolf2385d ago

more dumb writers. I have a windows phone and a wiiu. The windows phone is now the third most sold phone. Ms is buying nokia. Windows apps are coming out in droves now. And when you count Nintendo out like they did for three years on the wii saying it sucked , well we know what happened. The 3ds is still # 1 now. Funny no one talks about the vita, psgo and psp as fail but sony keeps making consoles. Im ps4/wiiu/3ds from here forward. The ps3 was in third place for years and the wiiu is on par with ps3 first year sales.