Mercenary Kings holds launch until 2014, Vita remote play is a go

Mercenary Kings is due out on Steam and PS4 in early 2014, despite Tribute Games’ attempts to finish it up before the end of the year.

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dieforgame2394d ago

I am so stoked to hear about this hitting PS4!

PeaSFor2394d ago

played the early version on steam and i am SOOOOOOO getting it for PS4, the game is mega awesome ..MEGAWESOME!

(and paul robetson sprites are badass http://paulrobertson.mechaf...

Rhezin2394d ago

YESSS!!!!!! FINALLY a reason to get a couple more DS4's.

Stick892394d ago

Bought this for PC a while ago and it was a lot of fun back then (they've added a ton since, and I hadn't even gotten that far). I will probably purchase again on PS4 just because the interface to use a DS3/4 on a PC is so wonky...also trophies :D