Destiny began as a third-person only title

Destiny, a shooter from the creators of the franchise that made first person shooters a mainstream affair, was originally conceived as a third-person game.

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MrSwankSinatra2386d ago

i would've preferred it to be third person.

pedrof932386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

I think a multi-plat halo is alright, now I won't need to buy an X1.

NukaCola2386d ago

I am cool with it as an FPS. We won't lose out since The Division is a TPS open world.

nukeitall2385d ago

I complete agree, third person is the way to go.

Tdmd2386d ago

Such a shame it changed into a fps... :/

BiggCMan2386d ago

Yea, an option to switch would be nice at least, they kind of alienate some people this way :/

I read this "We wanted to make a kick-ass action game, and we decided first-person was the right place to do that.”

as Activision forcing them to do first person only since it's the "hot" thing right now, but that's just me being paranoid...right?

Parasyte2385d ago


Yep, it's just you being paranoid. Acitivision can't touch Bungie's IPs or tell them what to do with them. It's in their contract.

Paytaa2385d ago

Kind of like how Halo started as a TPS but then changed to a FPS later in the development cycle.

BlackWolf2386d ago

I would have liked that, too.

boldscot2385d ago

They should have added the option to play in both like the Elder Scrolls and Fallout games.

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Neavan2385d ago

It would be an amazing if you have a option to change it from FPS to Third Person

rainslacker2385d ago

Same here. I always seem to run into stuff I can't see so stop moving before I get shot in FPS games.

Also seems better for an MMO where you can make your own character to actually be able to see your character while playing.

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mechlord2386d ago

i just cant see the appeal of playing an entire game as a crosshair :( TPS would do it for me. (RPG nerd here, sorry if i ruffled your virtual feathers with my virtual penis :) )

thricetold2385d ago


I used to really enjoy fps's but got tired at looking at just a gun and crosshair the entire time.

I don't understand why you would spend all this time and energy on character personalization and only other players can see it.

I don't give a damn about how others see my character but I care greatly that I can. I thought Brink had great character personalization but in the end it wasn't worth changing your gear as you couldn't see the change.

I won't be buying any fps's anytime soon so I hope more devs realize there is a huge market for tps's as well and not everyone wants to run around as a gun on screen.

KentBlake2386d ago

I also much prefer third person games.

DeletedAcc2386d ago

i would give it a try with third person.
I hate ego-shooters

Bundi2386d ago

3rd person Halo still alluding me :(

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