What's Missing From Mainstream Reviews? Oh, That's Right--Gameplay - LevelUp

N'Gai Croal writes:

"The issue isn't that us mainstream writers aren't familiar with games, because we are. There are two problems, as we see it. First, either us writers, our editors, or both, don't trust the ability of their audiences to relate to in-depth discussions of the gameplay; our editors have all been boomers who are not regular gamers. Second, even if we do want to go deep on gameplay, the amount of space devoted to game reviews is generally insufficient. Mainstream critics must sum up an experience that's anywhere from six to 100 hours long-one that's fundamentally non-narrative, as we keep insisting--in the same amount of space or less that's devoted to 90-120-minute movie. The end result is a review where so much effort has been spent distilling the game into something that's understandable to non-gamers that no-one ever asks how truthful the distillation is..."

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