Final Fantasy XIII 3% Complete

FF13 only 3% into development, with it's spinoff title FF Versus 13 only at 1%, according to Square-Enix in a recent interview. This PS3 killer-app won't be around until 2008 at the earliest. The mobile phone version doesn't get a mention at all. Don't hold your breath, Square fans.

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power of Green 4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

They sure do have alot of pics of gameplay for only being 3% complete. This will be the bestest super duper caned gamplay in FF history. Square will just use Animated movie cut scenes mixed with gameplay, that's what the PS3/Cell will be good at( how they intend to trick Joe Shmoe), its a pretty nifty trick/short-cut. Long movies in-between gameplay, I give the PS3 that! although CGI has little value after a couple of runs, my start buttons are the first to ware out if you know what i mean. But that's Japanese taste for you.

Bill Gates4455d ago

You are quickly taking the lead as the most PATHETIC fanboy on this site. And that's saying alot.

bung tickler4455d ago

if he is a "pathetic fanyboy" why does he have 5 bubbles and you only have one?

The_Firestarter4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

...since I'm not the only person that calls you pathetic. lmfao But really, try posting a comment that actually contributes to the community. Rather than just being the first person up to hate on the PS3. I'd have to agree with Voluptuary. Sry Bill. :P Anyways, BRING ON FFXIII! Square' doesn't need to rush a perfect title. ^,^

power of Green 4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

You think it's Funny? you think angry fanboy's are unusual?. I think Bill and yourself are pathectic because you take this console thing so personal and im sure others agree so anyone person at any given time is what you say, a PATHETIC FANBOY. lol Contribute? to the community? the only time i see you post is to make sure everybody knows you dont like my point of view. lol And you #1.1-bubble boy, you're an anti American(twit) thats so twisted you have an Bill Gates avatar but have so much hate for bill and MS it's giving you mental problems and yet you're calling others fanboy?.

The_Firestarter4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

I feel that I don't HAVE TO comment on EVERY article available. I don't feel the need for everybody to know what I think all the time. I only speak when I need to. And, yeah I wanna know if others agree with me because to tell you the truth, I just don't like you. That's all. Also, how the hell does somebody "act" like an Advent Child? The FFVII movie was pretty cool. ;)

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Marriot VP4455d ago

in other words wait for the PS3 when the price is cheaper and FF is out

Karibu4454d ago

in almost same words wait for the X360 when the price is cheaper and FF is out.

DJ4455d ago

I don't expect to see this game for another two years. Considering how long FFXII is, I can't imagine what they'll end up doing with 13.

zypher4455d ago

2008? i'm sure it'll be worth the wait. besides, i don't think too many people were expecting a 2007 release anyway. in the meantime FFXII and Rogue Galaxy should satisfy my rpg cravings. these two, coupled with whatever additional non-rpg offerings both the PS3 and the 360 will have should sate the wait just great.

Retard4454d ago

Have an outline of what it's going to be, like a sorta 'demograph'; I'm guessing if they did this kinda how movies are made.... Right?!

Capt CHAOS4454d ago

Broken down in man-days, from that, they know how many people are involved and can work out what the 'estimated' completion date is..

Still, it's prob better being delayed, gives them more time to polish the product and with a higher PS3 circulation, they can probably make a better return on the game..

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