Top 5 Games that make Microsoft and Sony fans Wanting Nintendo to go Third-Party

It’s pretty clear at this point that a lot of Microsoft and Sony fans want Nintendo to go third-party. Even Jason Rubin, the former CEO of THQ said he wants Nintendo to go software only. I was going to write article why Nintendo won’t go third-party anytime soon, but that type of article has been beaten to death. So I figured I can write an article on the games that drive Microsoft and Sony fans to say Nintendo should go third-party. Here are the top five upcoming games I could think of.

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zeal0us2389d ago

Bayonetta 2 and X are the only two I wish would be release on a different console.

Playing Mario Kart, SSB and Zelda on a different console would seem weird imho.

jackanderson19852389d ago

bayonetta 2 and X aren't my kinda games so makes no difference for me... but yeah Mario Kart and Zelda on a non-nintendo console would definitely be too weird

pedrof932389d ago

For me is Pokemon and Zelda. That I wish more, apart from that there isn't anything in particular.

AliTheSnake12389d ago

None of these games interests me that much. Maybe Zelda, and Mario kart for Couch coop, smash brothers, it's fun but i don't like the characters, the last time most of them showed up in a game is a decade ago. They should make one with modern characters like PS all stars characters but Nintendo's style. Everything else is overrated.

indysurfn2389d ago Show
itBourne2388d ago

I really dont see any exlusives at this point for Nintendo. Zelda is behind the times in my opinion, but gets free passes because of the name. I still got Nintendo handhelds for Pokemon, but then I played Ni No Kuni and realized Pokemon should of been to that point and more 5 years ago. Smash Bros would be the only one, but through the years most my friends have moved, so not much point in my case for a coop couch game, unfortunately because I do miss those games/memories. So really Nintendo has faded for me. They really have not made a great new experience in the past decade.

abzdine2388d ago

i for sure dont want Big N to go multi.. look at SEGA and what their famous franchises became.
buying Nintendo hardware is the best thing to do.

andrewsqual2388d ago

Well Pokemon doesn't even work on Nintendo's own home consoles because, oh, THEY NEVER RELEASED THE MAIN SERIES ON ONE OF THEIR OWN HOME CONSOLES.
Thanks for Pokemon X and Y though which is essentially Pokemon for N64 over 15 years later.

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kayoss2389d ago

Zelda and Metroid are enough for me to dream about when Nintendo will go third party.

levian2389d ago

I've held onto my WiiU for X, Zelda, and Smash Bros alone. It's been sitting around unused for one full year, but it'll be worth it when those games come out.

KingDadXVI2389d ago

Yeah, mine has been collecting dust for about 10 months now. My kids and I basically played Lego City Undercover & Super Mario WiiU then went back to the 360 with some dabbling on the PS3. I will probably get the new Super Mario after Christmas and am looking forward to the new Zelda but for me Nintendo has fallen to third place with the Xbox being the preferred console and PS coming in second in my house.

Back-to-Back2389d ago

Bayonetta 2? lol didnt the 1st one flop anyways? The only interesting game on that list is X and we dont know really anything about it.

frostypants2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Yeah, to paraphrase Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, my poop has more steam coming off of it than Bayonetta 2. It's just not that big of a franchise and the original was just a slightly-above-mediocre GoW knock-off.

Sevir2389d ago

If a flop is 2.5 million sold then plenty of games including the new Mario 3D Land is a Flop! SMH, if PS fans and MS Fans are asking for it obviously there is a demand. The franchise is big enough to warrant the outcry its getting. Sega and platinum confused a ton of people, since The game had a fan base and People enjoyed the game, to see it go from selling 1.3 and 1.2 million across 2 platforms to a console that isn't even performing well and be exclusive for that matter is just one of those WTF moments in the industry.

Still just like how PokeMon Y, made me shell out cash for 3Ds, This Bayo2 will make me shell out cash for A WiiU... And I'll enjoy the hell out of a Metroid game when it lands on the WiiU inevitably

Morpheuzpr2389d ago

Highly overrated imo (Bayonetta). Story was a$$, characters bad and gameplay was meh.

BullyMangler2389d ago

fLop? lol . what do sales have to do with gameplay . NEVER determine somethings worth according to its sales . justin bieber selling more than biggie and pac. knack selling more than mario world wiiU etc etc

ChickeyCantor2388d ago

" just a slightly-above-mediocre GoW knock-off."

Are you F'kn kidding me?

Seraphim2388d ago

I really enjoyed Bayonetta but it's sequel certainly isn't a game I'm drooling over.

I think Zelda is the only game on that list I'd be remotely interested in playing. I loved Twilight Princess on the Cube and Wind Waker was solid too. Oddly enough having been a kid when the original NES was released Zelda wasn't a game I ever really got into until Wind Waker.

In honesty I think this article is utter fail. Aside from personal preference and maybe finding 1 or 2 of those games remotely interesting I think most fans who don't have a Wii U don't really care either way about these games and would questionably even play them if they were on PS/XB....

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JimmyDM902389d ago

Nintendo needs to make a big budget 3d pokemon game for Wii U. It could be even better if it was an MMO RPG.

thehitman2388d ago

If they made a pokemon mmorpg I would be seriously tempted on a wii lol... I wish they would lose the pokemon license I think other companies would push Pokemon farther so much lost potential then just those handheld releases. Other than that only franchise in their library I would want to go third party is Super Smash Brothers nothing else is worth playing.

starfox0792388d ago

All 5 of these games will destroy Playstation and Microsoft's image for quality these 5 games will see more polish in graphics and especially gameplay then any ps4 or 1 game easy.......I also know that Nintendo will show projects at E3 that equal or surpass X in scope....I'm looking at Metroid and Zelda that Zelda has a 600 team they drafted in movie talent all sorts for this new Zelda.....

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bayonetta2389d ago

Bayonetta 2 is my main reason to buy Wii U but ofc i don't mind to try great games like X , Mario Kart , Super Smash Bros and im looking for the new Zelda game (not the KT one )

josephayal2389d ago

Platinum games studio is really awesome,i cant wait to play Bayonetta 2 on my PS3, who knows

2muchw1nn1ng2388d ago

I find it sad how people dislike your comment for wanting to play a game on another console.

starfox0792388d ago

Ps3 couldn't handle Bayonetta2 at sub HD ???


1080p Native/ on a game with more happening on screen then any other game ive seen....

DualWielding2389d ago

to be fair Bayonetta 2 and X would not exist if Nintendo was third party Nintendo is only publishing them (knowing they'll probably lose money) in order to help counteract the childsish image of the Wii U

Loadedklip2389d ago

Bayonetta ... yes
X ... no.

X is owned by Monolith ... Monolith is owned by ... take a guess ...

awesomeabe19982389d ago

Nintendo owns rights to publish Bayo 2. The only way it would leave Wii U is if Nintendo sells the publishing rights.

Deadpoolio2389d ago

Uh Nintendo published Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge also...Remind me how that worked out again. Oh yeah that's right it got ported everywhere, meaning Nintendo publishing something doesn't mean anything....Just like When Microsoft published Mass Effect, and Ninja Gaiden 2

Metallox2389d ago

@Deadpoolio You don't seem to understand how this business works.

starfox0792388d ago

X is something both Nintendo/Moonlith created not Moonlith on their own they explained this ages ago that X is as good as it is due to Nintendo's input in other words it's a collaboration.

Tito082387d ago

@Metallox- Actually Deadpoolio has a point, and that is not the first time that happened, remember Resident Evil 4 exclusivity for GC, and then ported to PS2? How about Resident Evil:Revelations and Castlevania 3DS ported to PS360? Actually it's you who doesn't seem to understand how business works, because nobody knows what's going on behind the doors, in the business world, especially in gaming, anything can happen. Did you thinking Nintendo snatching the rights for Monster Hunter because they're simply awesome? Nope, Nintendo did it because the series was a huge success on a Playstation machine, same applies to Resident Evil, the Xeno games, Fatal Frame, they let 3rd party games to be successful on other machines so.they could the out the check.

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DA_SHREDDER2389d ago

yes please nintendo, i had such high hopes for your online but you just dont get it,, please just bring your virtual console available for xbl and psn, it would be like taking market share by 50 percent automatically.

kayoss2389d ago

I feel that Nintendo can make a killing off of Mario, Zelda, and Metroid games alone if they were released multiplatform.

wonderfulmonkeyman2389d ago

No they wouldn't. Sony and micro Fanboys consistently bash those games fort being too kiddy and the same thing every time.
If they haven't changed their minds about them for the wii u, there's no way a mere change of system would alter that mindset.

Loadedklip2389d ago

Metroid would definitely be helped if sold to the Sony and Microsoft fanbases which are more into that style of game. Nintendo fans unfortunately don't support Metroid as much as it deserves. Don't you guys dare click disagree ... just look at Metroid's critical acclaim and iconic status ... then look at it's sales ... in general ... Nintendo fans do not support Metroid games as proven by history.

KonsoruMasuta2389d ago

Going 3rd party doesn't secure success.

Look at Sega and their multiple times in a financial crisis.

wonderfulmonkeyman2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

@ loaded
Count me out of that supposedly non supportive group.
I've owned every metroid so far, excluding return of Samus.
Also, i don't see sony or micro fans picking up the system and games, like nintendo fans picked up a second console and used it often during the wii generation when the wii didn't get third party games, so i sincerely doubt that they'd show better support for the series regardless of system.
If they really wanted the series so much that they would show better support, then they would save up money for the systems, since they are the cheapest on the market.

kayoss2389d ago

What are you talking about? the Wii sold 80 million units. Dont tell me that these are all Nintendo fans that bought the wii system. I consider myself a Sony Fan, but i bought the Wii for the mario, zelda, and metroid series (yes i know im only one person). But every gamer been a Nintendo fan since the days of the original Nintendo.
I can gaurantee you that a lot of the xbox and playstation owns a Nintendo 3ds so that they can play Nintendo's first part games.

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christocolus2389d ago

Hmm.if Nintendo ever went multiplat i would definitly pick these up...Pikmin,smash bros,luigis mansion next gen and zelda

MsmackyM2389d ago

Or you could buy a WiiU. Nintendo is the only video game company in the business, Sony and Microsoft aren't they just happen to sell games as well. Once the Xbox division goes belly up and Sony's bad finances come back to haunt them, where will Nintendo gaming be? The idea of Nintendo going third party is ridiculous especially since Nintendo is the only company that can make a profit.

christocolus2389d ago

Dude its an article based on something that may probably even never happen and we are all allowed to post opinions.arent we?if ms or sony went "belly up" wouldnt you want some of their ips on your nintendo wiiu2?.

TheLastVoiceOFsanity2389d ago

not really. as a nintendo fan if the 2 companies went belly up it would bring stable 3rd party support for nintendo's home consoles, but beyond that sony& microsoft can keep there ip's, but i would wan't nintendo to raid microsoft for the rareware ip's.

2muchw1nn1ng2388d ago

Why buy a Wii U when it's almost guaranteed at this point to receive little support?