Downloadable Songs For Samba De Amigo Wii?

DarkZero Write: "Look at the new boxart for Samba De Amigo Wii. If you squint and look really hard at the top left corner of the box you can see that it boasts the Nintendo Pay to Play logo.

If you have not being keeping up to date, this logo means it is likely that the game will boast downloadable content at some point after release. The likes of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King, Kotoba no Puzzle Mojipittan Wii and Lonpos already bear the logo, and as a result offered players extra puzzles and other content such as themes at an extra cost after inital release.

Samba De Amigo Wii is however the first retail game to have the logo, and as a result it should be very interesting to see what Sega could have planned as downloadable content for the game."

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ChickeyCantor3907d ago i said before DLC =) XD

ItsDubC3907d ago

I'm hoping this means Nintendo will release an alternate storage solution some time soon.

ChickeyCantor3907d ago

They will, Iwata said they wont ignore the Smaller group( AKA " HARDCORE" *pukes*) so there will be one. They also see its not much.

According to their research People are okai with the internal memory....but i really think lot of these researches( with alla companies) are FLAWED.
We think ahead while most of these people who are okai with it arent.
We know that we want more content, while the other isnt thinking about it at all.

PS360WII3907d ago

well the prez said they need to think about the avid gamer as well...

nintendostar3907d ago

They need to do something to make this game a must have and this sounds like what they need.

Lumbo3907d ago

sorry, but it does not work anything as good as my DC Samba de Amigo. The port is a failure imho. DLC won't make a difference.

micky_21_uk3907d ago

They did DLC for the dreamcast of samba so I can't see not so much of a problem with the wii. And if i remember the downloadable songs didn't take too much from the dreamcast's vmu.

BlackIceJoe3907d ago

I hope this means that the Wii will get a Hard Drive soon. With the talk not that long ago from Nintendo saying they know people want one and are looking at ways to make people happy.

So DLC would be great for this game.