PaRappa Voice Actor Addresses PaRappa The Rapper 3 Rumors

Junkie Monkeys: Over a month ago rumors started to circulate about PaRappa The Rapper 3 coming to both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita. We reached out to our pal Dred Foxx, the man behind our favorite rapping canine, to comment on the issue.

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kratoz12092395d ago

I hope there will be a 3rd game...
Hmmm i know what i have to do now..

I Gotta Believe

Also Merry Christmas everyone

TheGrimReaper00112395d ago

You gotta do what?
I gotta redeem!
Sure about that?
I gotta relieve!
You gotta do what?
I gotta receive!
But most important?
I gotta believe!!!

Goku7812395d ago

I was going to say that! Lol that was a great song!

Treezy5042395d ago

I remember being super stoked when they showed that as his ultimate finisher for PSASBR.

Treezy5042395d ago

Merry Christmas dude have a great one!

CocoWolfie2394d ago

Merry Christmas to you too! :)

lizard812882394d ago

Yes! I wouldn't mind see UmJammer Lammy 2 either.

It would be cool if they brought back some of their PSX characters.

Treezy5042394d ago

That would be a shock, UmJammer Lammy was great, I think if they do anything they will bring her back in PaRappa the Rapper 3.

iceman062394d ago I thought I was the ONLY one that really loved UmJammer Lammy. Don't get me wrong, I also loved the Parappa series too. But, I just thought that the guitar worked well with the mechanics of the game.