Jonathan Blow’s The Witness Has Over 500 Puzzles And Counting

PS4 timed exclusive The Witness gets a new screenshot and an updated puzzle count.

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DigitalRaptor2392d ago

That's insane, I hope they strike the right balance with all of them.

Cannot wait for this.

GrizzliS19872391d ago

dont want to sound like a grinch or anything but my god does this seem like it will turn out a bore fest...

i hope im wrong


im never wrong O.O

die_fiend2391d ago

Were u bored when playing Braid? Maybe there are some games than aren't for u. U feel bad for u if so. But yeah, you're wrong

Chaostar2391d ago

Hyped for this game, looks like it's going to a great mix of exploration and puzzles.

I think people will be BLOWn away

*listens to the echoes of 1m groans*

Chaostar2391d ago

OK this comment came out unintentionally dirty, so just stop what you're thinking right now :P

Pogmathoin2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Yeah, games with too many puzzles tunes me out, got to be a good mix of adventure and a few puzzles...

Edit: Chaostar, hoping for something? Grow up.

Chaostar2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

It's a terrible pun on Jonathan Blow's name nothing more. If you read something else into it then maybe it's you who should "grow up".

edit: also the groans were for the bad joke!

Sketchy_Galore2391d ago

Likely story, we know what you meant and it's disgusting. My ears are not garbage cans sir, nor are my eyes. They might look that way but they are not. Now take your filthy heathen pornography and your disgusting tales of puzzle games that are actually able to fellate the player as a reward for discovering a solution and go back wherever it is your type comes from.

Roccetarius2391d ago

Hmm, what's that saying again? Quality over Quantity?