Rumor: Sony Starting Online Games Mag?

Sony Computer Entertainment America recently filed a trademark for a product named "Qore," but Kotaku don't expect to necessarily see a game coming to the PlayStation 3 or PSP with that name. Instead of the standard description "computer game software and video game software" services-as in the case with the recent filing for The Last Guy, a planned PlayStation Network release-the trademark filed for Qore protects against "computer services, namely, providing interactive online magazine and entertainment services in the field of video games."

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PoSTedUP3817d ago

hmm.. wonder what it is. hope its good

PoSTedUP3817d ago

do your thing sony, keep it comming.

kwicksandz3816d ago

hows the Euro PS blog coming along?

Ace Ventura3816d ago

PSN will be sooo much better soon. Insmoniac said PSN has HUGE things headed for it this year.

SL1M DADDY3816d ago

The more the merrier in my opinion. I do however wish that each of the Sony smoke stacks would collaborate more and get their game on together rather than being each individual entities. It's hard to see Europe lagging behind in so many ways that it makes me want to slap Sony up for not getting their worldwide act together.

As for the online mag, cool deal if that is in fact what we are seeing here in the making.

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