Halo Wars Exclusive - Interview, Images and Gameplay Details

Gameplayer has gone live with an in-depth feature on Halo Wars following a visit to Ensemble Studios to see the game. Stacks of great info, quotes from the developer and a bunch of screenshots.

"Can it do for RTS, what Halo did for the FPS?"

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ngg123453822d ago

Will it copy tribes the rts, and sell 8 million copies?

tplarkin73822d ago

Nobody's really talking about Halo Wars, now. But it will sell multi-millions. Halo fans love the Halo world, and this game shows another glimpse of that world.

toughNAME3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

That was some funny sh!t ngg. I need to start thinking like that

But I'm still taking a bubble:P

BIoodmask3822d ago

is going to be awesome, especially with online play. I love RTS, I just hope that they get the control scheme down.

Aclay3822d ago

I seriously doubt that Halo Wars will be as successful as Halo 3. RTS games really aren't that big on consoles.

The Xbox consoles sure wouldn't be anything without Halo that's for sure.... Well, here comes all the Mountain Dew Ad's and other crap again...typical Microsoft gimmicks to sell a game.

Breakfast3822d ago

Im a Halo 3 fanboy, and im not buying this garbage.

green3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

Halo Wars will never sell like Halo 3.Microsoft doesn't expect those figures at all.But you do realize that if Halo Wars can sell over 2million copies, then it has done the deed of breaking RTS into the main stream of console owners.

I have never played an RTS before apart from the C&C demo on xbox live which i played and got put off after a few minutes.So what better way of easing people into a genre than to use a game that millions of people love HALO.

I am definitely looking forward to this game and if it turns out to be AAA, then all the mountain dew commercials we will be seeing will be worth it.

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The story is too old to be commented.