Playstation Blog: METAL GEAR MONDAYS! The Mysterious Trailers …

The Playstation Blog writes:

In case you missed it, a mysterious Metal Gear trailer appeared online last week, recalling a famous location from MGS1. If you haven't seen it yet, just direct your attention to the videos in the blog post.

Of course, we can't go into detail about what it actually means, nor do we want to spoil anything for you here - but, please, don't let us hold back your imaginations …

Likewise, another mysterious trailer was released on April Fool's day, in "disguise" …

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From Crackle: MGS4/MGS1 teaser

From Crackle: Assassin's Solid
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sonarus3819d ago

Look at how fantastic the in game graphics are. Look at how smooth the animation is. MGS4 FTMFW!!!

SIX3819d ago

It is quite lovely isn't it? I look forward to playing you Mr MGS.....Oh how I look forward to this day.

AlterEgo3819d ago

MY most anticipated game of the year. Hands down.

RecSpec3819d ago

My most anticipated game for about three years...crazy how it's only a month away.

Wildarmsjecht3819d ago

Merely saying that I want this game is an understatement. It goes past desiring this game as well. I need this game. I crave it. I...yearn for it. DAMN YOU KOJIMA!!!

Looking fantastic btw.

akaFullMetal3819d ago

wow, thats awesome looking, can't wait, and the altair suit is cool as well, funny how they are in cahoots

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The story is too old to be commented.