PS3Land Hands-on with the PS3

From PS3Land: "After the recent news of PS3 kiosks popping up in stores around America, I had the fortunate experience of test-driving one of Sony's new next-gen machines. Standing before me was a PLAYSTATION 3 game console decorated behind a plastic covering with an HDTV display. The heavy, sudden rush of blood through my veins made me feel an instant moment of adrenaline and exhilaration. I felt like a kid again as I stood there staring at this wonderful new piece of next-gen technology. People crowded around in awe of the system, mumbling things I found humorous, as they didn't seem to know much about this CELL-powered machine. So, I made my way over to the system, as it seemed people were almost too afraid to play this alien console."

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Capt CHAOS4456d ago

"..because the PS3 is going to lead the way for an age of next-gen gaming!"