Samsung: Blu-ray Sales Will Explode

Samsung says that worldwide annual sales of Blu-ray players will hit 51 million by the year 2012.

That's according to an article by the Associated Press.

Samsung, which produced both Blu-ray and HD DVD/Blu-ray combo players, says that Blu-ray sales will now soar following Toshiba's decision to exit the HD DVD business.

Jun Dong-soo, chief of Samsung's digital audio-video business, said in a press release that he believes the worldwide market will grow at least 80 percent over the next five years, according to the AP.

The executive forecast that five million Blu-ray standalone players would be sold this year -- three times the amount sold last year.

"Our own Blu-ray product sales should increase to ($402 million) this year and surpass ($1 billion) by 2010," he stated.

Samsung last week unveiled its fourth-generation Blu-ray player, which is expected to be available for sale this summer.

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alexM3818d ago

just to let you know that GFK would be revealing their GTA4 PS3 and X360 sales figures for EUROPE

ALSO new KZ2/R2 footages would be shown wot wot

Now this from SAMSUNG

so good to own a PS3

ruibing3818d ago

I would say the majority of Blu Ray players in households will be PS3 units. People criticized Sony for bringing the Blu Ray and HDD to every PS3. However, Blu Ray future proofed every system and HDD solved the transfer rate problem of a 2x BD drive.