Atari Founder Likes Xbox360, Disses PS3

Chuck E. Cheese, Atari founder Nolan Bushnell on the latest round of the console wars, and bringing food and games together… again.

Even if you only have a passing familiarity with the gaming industry, you've probably heard of Nolan Bushnell. Best known for founding and running gaming icon Atari and later the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant chain-which brought kids, pizza and video games together-Mr. Bushnell is the founder of more than twenty companies and a member of both the video game and consumer electronics association hall of fame.

For the past four years, he's been working at the helm of another company. A digital entertainment shop dubbed uWink, the company marks Mr. Bushnell's latest foray into the restaurant business. Last month the company quietly opened its first bistro in Woodland Hills, California, near Los Angeles.

Featuring touch-sensitive screens at each table, visitors submit their own food and drink orders. uWink's tabletop displays also give patrons a plethora of entertainment options. From poker to trivia games, the chain aims to use casual games and food to create a fun, social atmosphere

Red Herring recently caught up with Mr. Bushnell to chat about uWink and hear his thoughts on the current state of the gaming industry. Excerpts from the conversation follow:

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m234454d ago

This guy just went full out and said it
"a first party developer would be an idiot to develop for Sony first and not the 360"

monark4422d ago

Looks like this dude is still holding a grudge against the Japanese and Sony. Which just goes to show when you're #1, you're in everybody's gunsites! I think he is also a pretty demented old fart the way he talks. But mostly just a sore old loser or making alittle extra cash under the table.

Most likely one of those "ah... shuks.. I remember when gum was a penny and games were what you did with your finger in the dirt" mentality. Doesn't like to even hear the sound of new technology and ifin it's one of them there Ja..Pan..ese names like Sony his arch enemy, he ready to diss the heck out of em! Wonderful ole gent with no mind left. Needs to dig a hole and bury his head in it.

This is a fully retarted attempt to digg on the inevitable success of Sony and their consoles who have sold world wide over 3 times the nearest competitor in consoles, and 12 times the game release of any competitor world wide and for units sold they demolish all the competition over the entire world!

And here's this ding chucky cheese moron with companies that have gone out of business saying how a Company Losing Billions every year in the Gaming business somehow has a better product to make money with! That's a joke and will be proved with a 3Peat for Sony, absolutely positively guaranteed!

pbo2m34454d ago

talk about starting a war, but have to agree with some of the things he says

icdedppl4454d ago

"people don't buy hardware, they buy software." chicken before the egg kinda guy i guess. and does he not know about digital distribution of software? i guess not.

power of Green 4454d ago

I think he's a chicken that can't lay eggs then you're doomed as an species/chicken(s) kind of guy.

shotty4454d ago

I agree that sony just can't screw around anymore. In the past sonys competition wasn't really much going against small companies like Sega and Nintendo. One slip up and microsoft could walk over them.

Microsoft has a way for doing complete takeovers, like with PCS in the 1980s. Apple was huge in the 80s who knew they would be wooped so bad. Samething here. I repeat that the only thing sony has for them is Brand Name/ Brand Loyatity. There are millions of people that grew up with sony devices in their homes.

But guess what they are equally familiar with microsoft who is basically in every PC, smartphone, media devices and internet services.

Times are interesting for US gamers.

HyperBear4454d ago

Talk About a B!tch Slap. That was a b!tch-slap, a facewash, a finger, a beating, a hot carl, a dirty sanchez, and a finger-bang all in one. DAMN, Sony just got SMACKED DOWN. We'll i guess all we can do is wait for 1st party developers to see what they say about Atari now, I cant wait to hear responses from those guys. LOL

drewdrakes4454d ago

HAHA i like how you put that. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.