GameSpy: Haze Weapons Q&A

What's a first-person shooter without lots of cool weapons? Not much. Free Radical's upcoming Haze is chock-full of guns, as well as tools to exploit Nectar, the substance that allows the evil Mantel Corporation's footsoldiers to remorselessly kill in drug-fueled hazes.

GameSpy fired off a round of questions to Project Lead Derek Littlewood to find out more about how to OD enemies on Nectar and why the team made some of the design changes it did in the time between the first unveiling at E3 2006 and the presentation at last year's E3 2007.

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criticalzero4755d ago

Truth be told, I lost all respect for this game....This was once number one on my PS3 list..(Eeven more than GT5, KZ2, LPB).....After it kept getting delayed the magic just started wearing out...To add to it, after all the time they spent, the graphics look like a PS2 game...

I've seen all the gameplay footage released. Look at the textures on the walls and all they look disgraceful. They should be embarrassed to even release it after delaying it for a year.

Also the game play looks mediocre. I bet you it will be on par with Turok, Conflict: denied ops...

The only reason the game is gonna sell is because of the hype it has got..(which is above average)

BilI Gates4755d ago

Nope. The only reason this game is gonna sell is because Free Radical have proved many times before that they know how to make a great FPS. Take your flame bait to the open zone.

criticalzero4755d ago

It's not flame..(speaking about it...maybe you can teach Free radical how to make the "flames" on a flame-thrower look like. The best FPS on the PS3 this year is definitely gonna be Resistance 2. I'm not so sure about KZ2..(This is my most anticipated game but still)...Like KZ1, I really hope they don't goof up...

DFresh4755d ago

That's hella cool and I can't wait for the demo this Thursday on the next update of the PSN.