Giant Bomb - Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Review

From Ryan Davis of Giant Bomb...

"The things about Polyphony Digital's driving simulation series that have kept me at bay over the years–the self-serious tone, the unapologetic driving model–seem to have been softened up a little bit with Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, at least enough to allow me to appreciate the painstaking detail that goes into making what is essentially a car commercial in motion. As a taste of what the full version of Gran Turismo 5 will offer, GT5 Prologue is successful–I'm now more excited about the release of Gran Turismo 5 than I've been for any other Gran Turismo release. The thing is, Sony's charging $39.99 for what is essentially an elaborate demo. As pretty as everything in GT5 Prologue is, there's just not a whole lot to it."

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Lets-Game3911d ago

2 fatsoes reviewing games :)

Room 641-A 8 5neDDaM3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

reading the review, I couldn't help but picture R. Davis and Gerstmann sitting there spilling donut sprinkles and chocolate milk all over the controllers, while saying "The thing is, Sony’s charging $39.99 for what is essentially an elaborate demo. As pretty as everything in GT5 Prologue is, there’s just not a whole lot to it..."

There's not a whole lot to it...?

Ummm...ok, if you weren't on a sugar high you would think otherwise. Translation: I suck at these games.

Durffen3911d ago

They didn't care for the game. So you attack them because they are fat? I'm a big Nintendo fan, and when they gave Brawl a 4 out of 5, I didn't insult there weight, I understood that it was their own opinion.

Although, I do have to admit, picturing Ryan Davis and Jeff Gerstmann spilling donut sprinkles on the controllers is pretty funny.

Lets-Game3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

bubble, like they understand anything about "sport" xD

aliveinboston3911d ago

How can they call this an "elaborate demo" when it has full online racing and more cars than $60 games like Need for Speed?