Survey says: loads of juicy rumors

"Certain Xbox Live subscribers got an e-mail today asking for their participation in a super long survey earlier today. Normally surveys like these are boring, there's a reason certain companies pay you to fill them in, but this one was rather interesting. It asked participants how interested they were in certain first party accessories and Live features. Among the subjects was a web browser, a joystick specifically designed for Xbox Live Arcade games, a mini-keyboard you can plug into your controller for text messaging and a black 'premium' controller. Hit the jump for the most interesting excerpts."

Looks like Microsoft is interested to know if we want more downloadable and streaming content and accessories!

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Munky4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

A web browser is definitely a must, it just makes sense for IE to be integrated somehow, maybe even creating a whole new blade just for browsing.

FadeToBlack4460d ago

That black controller with backlit buttons would be awsome.

Cyclonus4460d ago

Microsoft is just on fire lately. You can tell they intend to dominate this generation, from top to bottom.

no_more_heroes4460d ago

Imagine developers discussing through surveys and InMessing with the consumers on what would be good ideas to include in games, especially what NOT to include in games. That way, a game is made a lot closer to how gamers would like it and potentially sell more than they normally would. That would be cool to me, seeing an idea I had for a game implemented in the final version (kind of like passing the producer role to the gamers and the devs just putting it together for them).

eques judicii4460d ago

i don't want an internet browser in my dashboard... i like my computer for that

I do want that black controller with backlit buttons and the arcade stick!!!!

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