Jeff Gerstmann Reviews GTA IV

Jeff Gerstmann at Giant Bomb writes:
"In your first several hours with Grand Theft Auto IV, it's easy to want to approach it with a checklist of expectations and start comparing it to what you think a "next-generation" Grand Theft Auto game should be.

- New carjacking animations? Check.
- Improved gunplay? Check.
- GPS on the map? Check.
- Corny-yet-still-somehow-funny jokes? Check".

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DrWan3822d ago

wasn't he fired from GS?

Asurastrike3822d ago

For giving a sponser a low score, yeah.

heyheyhey3822d ago

jeff gerstmann is awesome

its shame he left GS, now the site has just sunk into the sh!tter

hardmetal3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

FYI, Greg K. is the best. oh wait! ..yeah this time! Check

ikkokucrisis3822d ago

Nice review skateboarder dude

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