Bourne Conspiracy Demo Gameplay Video

If you can't be bothered to download the new Bourne Conspiracy demo, check out this video.

This shows the first of 3 levels in the demo.

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LinuxGuru3870d ago

Well, it looks like they pulled off the exact same dropped-frame editing techniques that the movies have...

The combat looks pretty good, but it just doesn't look.....right...

It's because Matt Damon isn't represented....I hate that.

Matt Damon IS Jason Bourne, and to remove him from the game is to screw yourself outta success.


empathe3870d ago

I think he removed himself.

LinuxGuru3870d ago

If he did, then that was a damned good move!


I have a feeling that he knew the game would suck, so he didn't want his good name associated with it! LOL