Sony trademarks Qore, an "interactive magazine"

Siliconera reports:

''Sony has had success directly getting in touch with fans via the PlayStation Blog. Perhaps, they have a plan to extend their reach further with something called Qore. A trademark under that name was registered by Sony Computer Entertainment America, but this isn't for a game. Qore's services are related to "computer services, namely, providing interactive online magazine and entertainment in the field of video games."

Since Qore is "in the field of video games" it pretty much narrows the trademark down to the PlayStation brand unless Sony has another video game brand coming out in the future.''

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LinuxGuru3815d ago

Very nice!

Sounds like something that could be successful.

I think it would be cool, maybe, in Home, you could go to virtual news stands, and pick up virtual magazines, and read gaming news, Sony news, developer updates, demo impressions, etc.

There could be SO MUCH done with interactive media through's amazing, the potential it all has.

Here's hoping Sony takes it and runs with it.

clintos593815d ago

If sony can do it right with things like u said and tons of other things that can make it fun for there consumers, then I can see HOME alone being a reason to buy a ps3 for, especially if it did have things like u said where we can virtually just grab a newspaper and read new things for the ps3 and other things which we would know first before everyone else, that would be awesome.

Blackcanary3815d ago

So this would be just for USA right.
Since we don't have a Playstation Blog in the UK.