Retro Rewind: Best Nintendo 64 Games of All Time

Gamedaily reports:

''From a drunken squirrel to warring mascots, Nintendo 64 offered something for everyone. Here's the system's greatest games.''

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Breakfast3821d ago

Wow...all those games are alot of fun... Might have to re-visit some of those games :)

kwicksandz3820d ago

i own 8/10 of those games!

Paper mario wasnt released in aus, and i dont like wrestling games.

But there are some glaring omissions

Perfect dark > goldeneye

Diddy kong racing >>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>> mario kart 64

DK64/banjo > mario 64

Rest i agree with mostly. Not sure if lylat wars was really that brilliant or if i just bought it for the rumble pack.

Rare was the best dev in the business in 64 era.. how they have fallen =(

colonel1793820d ago

i totally agree with you. Those games were way better as you say, but they are also inspired from the classics.. if it wasn't for goldeneye, there wouldn't had been any perfect dark, no mario kart, then no diddy kong racing, no mario 64 then no BK..

Skerj3820d ago

No Mischief Makers, Bangai-O, or Jet Force Gemini?

crimsonfox3820d ago

good game but i only played it because it came with my 64 if it wasn't for that i probably would have never played it Conker's also kicked balls

crimsonfox3820d ago

i'd rather play conkers split screen

RAF-TECH3820d ago

was crazy .... almost at par with Goemon: Mystical Ninja

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