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The problem with Iron Man is that at some point someone sat down and said "You know what would be fun? Drop players into situations where they have to do repetitive, meaningless tasks and then add respawning, overwhelming douchebags." That's a shame. Flying is fun, the upgrades are neat, and the game can look good. However, these pros are outweighed by the aforementioned frustration, crappy storyline and lame cutscenes. You never feel like Iron Man in this game, and if you're like me, you never feel like you're having fun.

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skynidas3820d ago

LOL the game really SUCKS

BilI Gates3820d ago

Great movie but as expected, sh*tty game.

DeckUKold3820d ago

First the graphics score at least an 8.5 beautiful and crisp. The gameplay is fustrating for five minutes, but no where near as what this guy say once you get into it its very fun it deserve at least a 9. Overall it's a good game this guy must be trash at playing games.

HighDefinition3819d ago

If you enjoy it that much, that`s cool. But a 9+, I think your alone on that one.

Whoooop3819d ago

Time to call your sponsor...

Hatchetforce3819d ago

Consider this. One of the main complaints about the game that they (IGN) list doesn't exist - respawning. Not in the manner they indicate. Every game uses spawning. It is how enemies are brought into the game. But not every game uses respawning where enemies are endless. GTA IV uses respawning with police all the time. However Iron Man DOES NOT HAVE RESPAWNING on every level. Not even on most levels.

Every level in Iron Man has a finite number of enemies. The only exception to this occurs on 1 level where Helicopter gunship reinforcements will continue to arrive until you destroy the hangers. You can literaly wipe out every enemy except the final objective on the level and then it is just you and that objective in a nice dance of death. Of course you have to be a better Ion Man than your average idiot IGN reviewer.

The game has a great deal more depth to it than the reviewer realizes. Hell I made that mistake. At level 7 I realized what a huge impact the upgrades make on the intricacies of the combat. It's sad that this game isn't perfect but in the post GTA IV world it also isn't getting a fair handshake.

Yes there are things I would like to see differenty in the game. But the geometry in the game beats most flight sims. There is something about going supersonic through a canyon 3 feet of the ground and then pulling up and ramming right through the bottom of a gunship.

Jamegohanssj53820d ago

I know games and they felt bad for it, so they gave it a 3.8 when it reality it should have gotten a 1.5.

The Genius has spoken.

hokageof20093820d ago

dont do it they dont work out so well

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