Take-Two Sues Chicago Transit Authority over Pulled GTA IV Ads

Grand Theft Auto IV publisher Take-Two Interactive has filed a lawsuit against the Chicago Transit Authority over the CTA's decision to pull GTA IV ads from their busses. Take-Two is looking for at least $300,000 and for the advertisements to run.

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rucky3817d ago

Like it really matter that they took out those ads. Every gamer that aren't living in a cave knows about GTA IV anyways. But yeah you show em Take-Two!

skynidas3817d ago

Yeah the money would be good for them

SUP3R3817d ago

Ads such as these usually run on a timed contract basis.
Doesn't matter who knows it's coming or not, it's business and T2 paid for that spot for a signed period of time.
If CTA doesn't have a good reason other than "cuz Jack Thompson said so" then T2 has all right to take legal action.

jessupj3816d ago

I really don't think it's the money. 300k wouldn't be much to them. It's the principle of the matter. If the transit are going to be cowardly and give in to the soccer mum's demands (and jt's demands), they deserve to be sued. There was not a single wrong with those ads and we all know it.

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DR-IVO3817d ago

good the chicago transit is corrputed anyways

tplarkin73816d ago

The CTA is bankrupt, yet is funded by taxpayers. I hope Take 2 takes them to the cleaners.

Lets-Game3817d ago

if you read the article the reason seems to be FOX news.
So I say burn down that moronic "news" company.

Armyless3816d ago

Beats the Clinton News Network.