The Top 15 Vaporware Products of All Time

PCWorld writes: These big ideas were supposed to revolutionize technology, but beyond a few prototypes, they never actually appeared. In a few cases, you'll probably be glad they didn't.

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Montrealien3818d ago

Favorite quote

"Advertising and packaging were created, but the Atari 2700 never reached store shelves. In quality assurance testing people noticed that the controllers had a broadcast range of 1000 feet. Since the controllers didn't have unique identifiers beyond "left controller" and "right controller," playing a game would affect any Atari 2700 unit within that radius."

Wow, just just, wow, I love it.

Saying no to NES distribution? check!

Making consoles that can't be played in houses within a 1000 feet radius? hellz check!!

too funny.

Jdoki3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

oops, reply to wrong post!!

fredy3818d ago

on that list...every game 1080P 120fps, I'll never forget that lie..

thor3818d ago

Agreed. Sony have made a lot of false promises.

But... they have also made a lot of promises that they have fulfilled. There are some amazing games out for PS3, and even better ones coming.

Where is PS Home on that list lol

poopsack3818d ago

They said 120fps was possible not that it would actually be used ever, besides it wouldn't be necessary right now. But whatever you take any chance possible to start a flame bait so flame on.

Jdoki3818d ago


Sooner or later people should realise that Sony said those things for one reason only... To take away focus from the 360 launch.

If anyone actually believed that the PS3 was going to launch with 4 network ports and 2 HDMI ports they were just deluded (Sony) fanboys or suckers.

Sony fed the world a huge pack of lies during that E3 with the pre-rendered footage, but at that point they would have sold their Grandma's (and probably did) to try and get focus back on Playstation and away from Xbox.

Unfortunately in this fanboy eat fanboy (eurgh!) world those statements will forever haunt Sony droids and be ammo for the Xbots!

40cal3818d ago

a Sega VR in the pic?